Wardrobe Prenzlauer Berg XXL

With shelf & clothes rail, many extras

3.960 €

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Solid wood meets design

With a width of 3 metres, the Prenzlauer Berg XXL wardrobe leaves nothing to be desired. Each module contains a shelf and a clothes rail, expand your wardrobe as you wish with drawers, shelves or the LED passepartout.

Design Schlafzimmer mit Kleiderschrank

Solid wood craftsmanship & timeless design

The Prenzlauer Berg wardrobe made of handpicked wild oak is a dream for every bedroom. The wardrobe is made entirely of certified solid wood and only comes with high-quality connecting elements. The wild oak is ecologically oiled and is therefore resistant to water and dirt. At the same time, the wood can continue to breathe and improves the room climate.

The diagonally cut doors give the wardrobe a remarkable appearance and also prevent the solid wood doors from warping. They can be comfortably adjusted and close gently with soft-close. You can position the doors in both directions.

Flexible space miracle

With a height of 220 cm, Prenzlauer Berg XXL offers enough space for the biggest fashionistas. If you ever need more space, you can extend the wardrobe with one or more 50 cm or 100 cm wide wardrobe modules.

A shelf and a clothes rail are included as standard. In addition, you can equip the wardrobe according to your needs. All shelves can be installed at any height within a perforated grid.

Drawer module

The optional drawer module is 73 cm high and contains three large drawers that close gently with soft-close technology. It can also be reordered for an existing wardrobe at any time and easily installed.

T-element & shelves

The optional T-element is 147cm high and includes a vertical divider, a 100cm shelf and three 50cm shelves as well as a 50cm clothes rail. You can also order any number of shelves in 50cm or 100cm width individually.

Passepartout with LED lighting

You can also add a passepartout frame to the wardrobe. An economical LED light strip is integrated in the horizontal frame and can be controlled via a foot switch. The warm LED lighting sets the wardrobe in scene and enlightens the interior.

Zertifiziertes Massivholz, ökologisch geölt, Passepartout mit LED-Beleuchtung optional
3-Schubladen Modul optional
T-Element mit 4 Regalfächern und einer Kleiderstange optional

Ecology Wardrobe Prenzlauer Berg XXL

Illustration tree as a symbol of the use of materials in ecological furniture making

Durable solid wood
(FSC® certified)

Illustration Sheet as symbol for natural colours

Natural furniture oil

Illustration recycled packaging

100% recycled packaging

Illustration CO2 in world trade

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Prenzlauer Berg XXL 17,8 Kg CO2

Maße Kleiderschrank Prenzlauer Berg XXL


Without passepartout: 219.5 x 298 x 60cm (height x width x depth)
With passepartout: 222 x 303 x 63.5cm (height x width x depth)


320.0 kg



Place of manufacture

Bydgoszcz, Poland


Solid wood wild oak naturally oiled. Visible parts glued throughout, non-visible parts rod-glued. Material thickness 25mm. Quality joints.

Origin of the wood

Poland (FSC® certified)


3 years extended warranty





Tool not included

Phillips screwdriver. Cordless screwdriver makes assembly easier.

Duration in hours


Delivery method

Forwarding delivery with appointment arrangement. Approx. 4 hours time window. CO2-Compensation.

DE, AT, CH & LU to point of use. EU to the first door.

Assembly in Germany possible for an extra charge of 100€ per order

Delivery time

See order form

Delivery charges

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30 days extended right of return. Return shipping costs are covered.

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