Configure your individual solid wood table tops. Choose from 6 types of wood, 4 edges and two oil finishes. Many extras such as linoleum covering, cable outlets or wireless charger optional. More

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Solid wood tabletops: natural beauty for your home

Discover the timeless elegance of solid wood tabletops at ekomia. Customised and made with love for nature.

Why solid wood table tops?

Solid wood tabletops are more than just pieces of furniture. They tell stories through their grains and characteristic features of the wood. Each tabletop is unique and gives your room a warm atmosphere. Unlike synthetic materials, solid wood tabletops exude a natural beauty that only increases in value over time.

The benefits of naturally oiled tabletops

At ekomia you will find naturally oiled solid wood table tops, which not only impress visually, but also convince functionally. Due to the oiling, the structure of the wood is preserved and it feels pleasant. In addition, the oil protects the wood from moisture and small scratches, which increases the longevity of your tabletop.

What is the best wood for a table top?

The right choice of wood is a matter of personal taste and style. At ekomia, we offer a selection of high-quality woods that are perfect for tabletops:

Oak and wild oak table tops

Oak is one of the most well-known wood species and valued for its strength and durability. Oak wood has a dark brown to light brown coloring with subtle grain and a few only small knots. Freshly cut, it is much lighter in color, which can be obtained with a light-colored furniture oil.

Table tops made of wild oak shows a lively grain with knotholes and natural wood features. When it comes to wood grading, wild oak tends to have darker parts selected. Dark color and distinctive grain give the wood a rustic and authentic character.

Table tops made of ash

Ash is a rather light wood with a distinctive dark core. Ash has high strength and elasticity. At ekomia we use ash core wood for table tops because of its unique grain, for other furniture we use only the light parts.

Beech and beech heartwood table tops

Beech impresses with its light, slightly reddish color and a smooth surface. The grain is very uniform and subtle. It is the wood with the best price-performance ratio among hardwoods.

Beech heartwood refers to the darker core wood of the tree. It features a more intense color and distinctive grain. Beech furniture is timeless and fits a variety of interior styles, from classic to modern.

Walnut Table Tops

Walnut wood is known for its dark, refined appearance. It has a rich brown color with an eye-catching grain, and often features natural characteristics such as swirls and color variations

At ekomia, we'll be happy to advise you which wood is best for you. You can also order our samplebox and take a closer look at all wood types.

How thick does table top need to be?

The thickness of the table top depends on its size. The longer the table, the thicker it should be. For tables up to 180 cm long, a thickness of 2.5 cm would be sufficient. But since we offer table tops up to 300 cm in length, our table tops are 3 cm thick.

Burr strips: the quality feature of solid wood table tops

Solid wood is a natural product. The wood continues to "work" even after processing. It expands, contracts again, absorbs moisture and releases moisture again - depending on the climate and season. With solid wood panels, this can cause the panel to warp and become uneven. To prevent this, trims or burr strips (strips of wood or steel that are inserted into the wood) are used. At ekomia, we use two or more burr strips made of metal on all table tops so that they keep their shape permanently.

Customized table tops

At ekomia, you will find a diverse selection of solid wood table tops that we manufacture with attention to detail

Configure your custom solid wood table tops

  1. Choose your wood species

    First, pick the type of wood that appeals to you the most. Oak is a real classic among the available materials. Ash shows a little lighter and has a concise grain. Wild oak and walnut are our elegant beauties. Beech has a reddish undertone, heartwood beech has dark color inclusions.

  2. Decide on a surface treatment

    Decide on a colorless or a light ecological oiling. The light oil is enriched with white color pigments. This gives the wood a slightly limed, lighter look. A colorless, natural wood oil treatment emphasizes the grain.

    No matter which choice you make: Due to the oiling, our table tops retain their open-pored surface and thus their natural properties. The wood can absorb and release moisture from the air. This has a positive effect on the indoor climate.

  3. Choose your edge design

    We manufacture the edge grinding of your table according to your wishes. Choose between square edges and rounded corners. We also offer you two intermediate shapes that give the table top an individual look, such as the Swiss edge.

  4. Decide if you want more color with linoleum

    If you want to add some color to your home, linoleum surface is a great option. Our linoleum is a natural product made from renewable resources and also has a pleasant, warm feel and is easy to clean. Choose one of the elegant dark colors or a gaudy light shade.

  5. Extra features on top?

    For the desk top, we recommend cable passages made of noble powder-coated metal in white or black. The rectangular cable pass-through with soft close also has a holder for multiple plugs.

  6. You can also order a Wireless Charger. With the wireless charger built under the tabletop, your QI enabled device charges like magic.

  7. Choose the right size

    Finally, you can choose the width and length of your tabletop. - Your personal unique piece is ready!

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Organic furniture with style from ekomia

Minimalist design

In the development of our furniture, we attach great importance to a minimalist, timeless design based on the Scandinavian design. You won't find any fashionable or ornate furniture in our shop, but we still work with great attention to detail.

Holistically ecological

The foundation of ekomia is the most sustainable production possible: certified European solid wood, glazes from natural raw materials and textiles from controlled organic cultivation. We take care to use only health-compatible, vegan materials without synthetics or allergens.

Solid natural wood

We mainly use hand-picked solid wood, a natural material that creates a natural atmosphere in the home and is particularly durable. For connectors we rely on proven quality components and the solid wood know-how of selected production partners.

Direct distribution & DIY

Through direct distribution we can offer better prices than in traditional trade. We try to offer a suitable piece for every purse - even if it is a DIY instruction to build it yourself.

Do you still have questions or would you like specific advice? We are happy to support you by phone or e-mail.