Ecological from head to toe

We try to set standards in all areas of the life cycle assessment and to demonstrate this as transparently as possible. We do not have greenwashing.

Pine seedling Sustainable
Exemplary representation. Picture from USFS Region 5

European wood from certified forests

The removal of wood is always an intervention in the forest ecosystem. That is why we source our pine wood from EU forests, where it is obtained in certified sustainable forestry. In this way we can be sure that trees are felled without damaging the ecosystem and that a new tree is planted for every tree felled.

The CO2 emissions are minimized by the comparatively short transport distances.

Ecological solvent-free paints from natural ingredients from ekomia

organic colours & -oils

For our products we exclusively use glazes and oils from natural, vegan ingredients according to the European toy standard (DIN EN 71, part 3). No harmful substances are released into the environment or your home. In production, we pay attention to occupational safety standards for the health of our furniture manufacturers.

Packaging Cardboard Paper

Ecological packaging

Packaging is usually only needed for a short period of time. It is therefore important to us that no residual waste is produced that is difficult to degrade or that increases the CO2 balance via incineration plants. That is why we use recycled paper and cardboard for packaging and do not use plastics.

ecological solid wood

Health friendly

With our furniture we pay particular attention to the fact that they do not release any substances in harmful quantities. Indoors, excessive quantities of volatile organic compounds can be harmful to health. That is why we rely on solid woods with as little glue as possible (which can contain high amounts of formaldehydes, for example).

Climate friendly

Excessive CO2 emissions contribute to global warming, including ice melting at the poles and rising sea levels. That is why we try to minimise CO2 emissions, especially during transport, but also during production and daily operation.

Illustration furniture from the factory to the customer in direct sales.

Direct Delivery

We deliver our furniture without intermediaries from our manufacturing to your living room. Our woods come from certified EU forests. This keeps CO2 emissions low during transport.

Efficient packaging: Flat Pack self-assembly

Efficient packaging

Our products are designed for self-assembly and can therefore be packed very small. This means that more packages can be transported in one truck and the CO2 balance is improved.

Renewable Energies: Electricity from Sun and Wind

Renewable Energies

For our offices and prototype development, we exclusively use green electricity suppliers with a high proportion of investments in the expansion of renewable energies.

CO2 compensation for the transport of furniture

CO2 compensation

We finance projects to reforest or save CO2, which compensate for the CO2 emissions caused by our transport.

What we still want to improve

We couldn't do everything we would have liked for today. Here you can see what we want to improve in the coming years.

2022 2023 2024
Set binding social ecological standards according to B Corporation guidelines. Calculate and offset the complete carbon footprint. Furniture development from new types of ecological board materials.
New ekomia afforestation project and/or support for regional biodiversity initiative. Development of fully recyclable cardboard furniture.

Quality you can see

Our wood is cut precisely and dyed with care, we only use quality compounds. Each piece is checked for quality. But see for yourself.

Design apart from fashion

ekomia stands for minimalist and functional design that will still look contemporary 20 years from now. With its Scandinavian light look, our furniture blends easily into different environments.

Table Stemke solid wood Bauhaus lamp

Bed Luke Side table DIY

Shelving system Alma out of solid wood

Eco-furniture for every purse

You can still be a little more sustainable or deliver a little better quality. But what good is it if nobody can pay for these products anymore? So where does one draw the line between quality and efficient production?

Illustration Minimalism cost value

Less is more

We have found that very high quality and sustainability can be achieved by pulling the right screws.

We use e.g. cheap pine wood, which nevertheless has a high durability and stability. Our minimalist design can be implemented in just a few steps. Standard joints have high strength at a reasonable price. We do without frills and luxurious materials, which bring only little use with disproportionately high expenditure.

Upcycling: DIY products to make yourself

Make your own product

We try to offer a Do It Yourself variant for each product. If you don't want to afford a new shelf, you can use our Fix screw clamp and a few old fruit crates from the cellar to create an individual shelf that gives the old crates a new meaning.

For all DIY ideas applies: You procure only one used part, everything else you need, you can buy in our shop cheaply. The assembly is possible with tools that should be found in every household - really everyone can do it.