Partners & Friends

Here you will find a few people and companies that we would like to recommend to you. With some we work together, others we just like because they do great, sustainable things.



The LebensWerkGemeinschaft is a vocational and social rehabilitation institution for people with disabilities from Berlin and Brandenburg. Some of our DIY articles are manufactured there with expert knowledge and love. There you will also find custom-made quality furniture.

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Discher Interior

The carpenter and architect Henning Discher is our expert in the ekomia guidebook videos and at the same time runs the carpentry workshop of our trust for Berlin and Brandenburg.

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Young Creators

Young Creators pick up where school leaves off. Afternoon courses, holiday courses, birthdays for children of all ages in Berlin: art, science and digital.

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Nino Kreativ

At Nino's there's school material that's fun. Whether painting, handicrafts or writing, Nino makes children happy and stimulates creativity - always with the Nino figures and environmentally friendly production.

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We think the Muckemacher make by far the best children's music. Also because the big ones like them just as much as the little ones. This is a must listen band :-).

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What are we doing today, Dad? Those who fear this question at the weekend no longer have to despair. Kindaling makes it child's play to find activities and courses for and with children in the region.

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