Tabletop Plattform

Sturdy solid wood table top

Tabletop Plattform

Sturdy solid wood table top

Type of wood 

Certified solid wood

We only use solid wood with long lamellas from sustainably managed FSC®-certified European forests.

In the case of Wild oak, the choice of wood has been made to ensure a particularly distinctive grain. Knot points are deliberately highlighted and treated with care.

Heartwood beech also has a conspicuous grain, which develops in the core of old beech.

Organic furniture oil

Naturally oiled the colour of the wood becomes stronger. It is so dirt-repellent, durable and, unlike varnish, can be easily cleaned and refreshed.

White pigments are added to the light oil so that the wood retains its original light colour.

We only use ecological furniture oil from renewable and mineral raw materials.

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Built to last

Solid and reinforced table top with rounded corners and edges. Choose wood type, size and boat according to your preferences.

Tischplatte aus Massivholz nach Maß geölt

Unique grain

The table top Plattform is made of certified 3cm strong solid wood in a wood type of your choice. By processing especially long wooden slats (stick glued), a beautiful, unique grain is created. The table top is reinforced on the underside with metal burr strips so that it remains straight and does not warp even without a table frame.

Natural indoor climate

The wood is treated three times with an ecological furniture oil - either classic or white pigmented, so that the original colour of the wood is preserved. The oil allows the wood to breathe and also makes the dining table very dirt-repellent. In contrast to lacquers, the surface can be easily refreshed or repaired e.g. with our furniture oil kits. Thus the table top will last for an eternity when used properly.

No cable clutter

Do you want to use the platform as a desk? If required, we can build white or black cable grommets made of noble powder-coated metal into your desk top. The rectangular cable feed-through with soft-close also has a holder for multiplugs.

Wireless Charger

With the wireless charger built into the tabletop, your QI-enabled device charges like magic.

Schöne Maserung
Runde Kabeldurchführung

Ecology Tabletop Plattform

Illustration tree as a symbol of the use of materials in ecological furniture making

Durable solid wood
(FSC® certified)

Illustration leaf as symbol for natural colours

Natural furniture oil

Illustration handmade furniture

Handmade Unique

Illustration CO2 in world trade

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Plattform Oak Kg CO2 Calculated according to

Rechteckige Kabeldurchführung mit Soft-Close & Steckdosenhalter


Table top 3cm thick. Burr strips are fitted at a distance of approx. 12.5 cm from the edge of the table. Rectangular cable aperture 29x12cm centred 3cm to the edge. Round cable aperture 9x9cm centred 4cm to the edge. Wireless charger 15cm right or left to the front corner.


If necessary, treat with furniture oil / worktop oil e.g. ekomia care sets



Place of manufacture

Poznan, Poland


Solid wood glued to staves / continuous slats. Ecological furniture oil. Zamak cable grommets, powder-coated.

Origin of the wood

Poland (FSC® certified)


3 years extended warranty

Delivery method

Forwarding delivery with appointment arrangement. Approx. 4 hours time window. CO2-Compensation.

DE, AT, CH & LU to point of use. EU to the first door.

Assembly in Germany possible

Delivery time

See order form

Delivery charges

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