Floating Beds

Timelessly simple floating beds made of solid wild oak or white varnished. With shelves, drawers or completely minimalistic. Certified solid wood treated with ecological glazes or oils. More

  • Family bed SwebeDesign Familienbett aus Massivholz in 270x200 und 240x200

    Family bed Swebe

    from 625 €

    ↔ 240cm, 270cm

    Large family bed with and without headboard

  • Stauraumbett Schöneberg 3 aus WildeicheDesign Schwebebett mit Bettkasten

    Bed Schöneberg Storage

    from 1.405 €

    ↔ 140 - 200cm

    Floating bed in comfort height with headboard and one or two bed drawers

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All about floating beds

What is actually so special about floating beds and what do you have to consider when buying one? Here you can find out everything you need to know about them.

What makes a floating bed?

Don't worry, floating beds do not float in the air and do not rock when you lie down in them. With floating beds, the feet underneath the bed are offset in the middle so that they are no longer visible from the front or side.

This way the beds give the impression of floating. This makes the design appear airy and light. The minimalist look of a floating bed suits every bedroom well.

Pay attention to stable construction

Important for the construction of floating beds is a stable substructure, which is in no way inferior to conventional beds. We at ekomia attach particular importance to this and have optimised our floating beds accordingly.

A nice side effect of floating beds is that the beds can always be placed directly against the wall and there is no need to worry about baseboards.

The right floating bed for everyone

What all ekomia beds have in common is their simple and timeless form, which is based on Scandinavian design. Nevertheless, we design with great attention to detail. Here you can read what makes our floating beds different. We hope that there is something for every taste and budget.

Floating design bed

Our floating bed Schöneberg is made of precious wild oak and oiled with a natural furniture oil. All visible wooden surfaces of the floating bed are glued throughout, i.e. they are not made of small pieces of wood, but of visually appealing long wooden slats.

Thanks to the comfort seat height - which is as high as the seat of a chair plus the mattress looking out - you can easily fall out of bed in the morning.

Thanks to the high quality connections and the hard oak wood, Schöneberg is not easily damaged.

You can order Schöneberg as a simple frame or optionally with a headboard or one or two bed drawers.

The bed drawers have slanted fronts so that they disappear under the bed as if invisible and maintain the floating character of the bed.

The nightstand Charlottenburg fits optically wonderfully to the floating bed Schöneberg. It is just deep enough so that the drawers can still be pulled out easily.

The inexpensive floating bed

Our floating bed Swebe comes simple with a white glaze. At an unbeatable price and you get a minimalist but very stable bed frame. With a bed frame height of 32cm Swebe is rather low, but does not impose itself so much on your bedroom.

Swebe is made of solid, certified pine wood and an ecological white wood glaze, in which the beautiful wood grain of the pine shimmers slightly through. Quality joints provide the necessary stability.

Optionally you can also order a headboard and a matching hanging bedside table which you can mount on the wall at the desired height.

Floating beds with storage space

The Luke bed is also made of solid pine with ecological glaze. With an integrated shelf at the foot end and a storage recess with integrated bedside tables, Luke offers enough storage space for books and everything else you need to get through the night.

The space under the bed can also be used across the entire width, e.g. for a guest mattress. However, there are no bed drawers for Luke. We recommend the Schöneberg bed with bed drawers.

Optionally you can order a headboard for Luke.

All floating beds at a glance

Matching slatted frames and mattresses

Basically you can use all commercially available slatted frames and mattresses for our floating beds. Only the Schöneberg bed cannot accommodate roll-up slats for constructional reasons.

The right insertion depth for slatted frames & mattresses

The insertion depth describes at what height - seen from the top edge of the bed - you insert the slatted frame. The insertion depth then determines how high the mattress is raised out of the bed.

When the mattress sinks in more, it looks a little more stylish. If it sticks out higher, it feels more comfortable when you are sitting on the edge of the bed. In the best case, the mattress should sink in about halfway.

If you subtract the slatted frame height and the mattress height from the insertion depth, you know how far your mattress protrudes.

If possible, we try to provide variable insertion depths for our beds. The Swebe bed has a fixed insertion depth of 13cm, with the Luke bed you can choose between 10 and 17cm and the Schöneberg bed is variably adjustable between 6 and 18cm.

Of course you will also find suitable Slatted frames and Natural mattresses.

Holistically ecological - as always with ekomia

Solid wood lasts longer

We only use solid wood for our beds. Solid wood has a high strength and durability, which is especially important for floating beds due to the construction.

In addition, unlike beds made of board materials, solid wood beds can be easily repaired if something breaks.

Certified wood

Our Nordic pine wood comes from the beautiful Sweden and our oak wood from Poland. Both types of wood are used in FSC certified forestry, This means that the forest there is managed as ecologically as possible and a new tree is planted for every tree removed.

Organic colours

Our floating beds are treated exclusively with ecological colours and oils from German production.

The pine wood is varnished white so that the grain of the wood still shimmers through slightly. This gives the beds a particularly natural and ecological appearance.

Whether white varnished or oiled wild oak, there are repair and maintenance kits for every wood, with which you can easily repair the surface of your floating bed if it should become necessary. Basically, however, our beds are easy to care for and do not need any after-treatment.

Production with experience

When manufacturing our furniture, we rely on partners who have many years of experience in the processing of solid wood beds and know exactly what characteristics and requirements the wood has.

In this way, our requirements for design and sustainability flow together with the long-standing production know-how of our partners.