Bed Schöneberg 2

Floating design bed in comfort height with headboard

850 €

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Straight lines, soft edges

We have designed the Schöneberg floating bed with headboard with great attention to detail. The corners are beautifully rounded and the solid wood of wild oak is hand-picked.

360° spin label

Noble wild oak with round corners

Schöneberg is made from hand-picked solid wild oak. The beautiful grain of the continuously glued oak is accentuated by sporadic branch elements. Our natural furniture oil intensifies the grain and makes the wood resistant to water and dirt.

Clear lines and rounded corners give the bed a minimalist and timeless design. Schöneberg's feet are indented so that it looks as if it is floating - yet it has a comfortable seat height of 47cm. There is plenty of storage space under the bed.

Curved headboard

Two rounded edges, which converge elegantly at the angle of the headboard, make the headboard a design highlight of the bed. We have also slightly angled it so that you can lean on it as comfortably as possible.

Bed drawers and bedside table

If you wish, you can order one or two optional bed drawers in addition to the bed. The drawers are angled at the sides so that they disappear under the bed and are only visible from a distance.

The bedside cabinet Charlottenburg has the same height as the bed and is just deep enough to allow the bed drawers to be opened easily. The drawer is gently closed by a soft close drawer guide.

Schöne Maserung, abgerundete Ecken
Geschwungen abgerundetes Kopfteil
Nachttisch und versteckte Bettkästen optional

Ecology Bed Schöneberg 2

Illustration tree as a symbol of the use of materials in ecological furniture making

Durable solid wood
(FSC® certified)

Illustration leaf as symbol for natural colours

Natural furniture oil

Illustration recycled packaging

100% recycled packaging

Illustration CO2 in world trade

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Schöneberg 2 4,5-8,8 Kg CO2 Calculated according to

Maße Design Bett Schöneberg 2


Frame height 47cm, height with headboard 91cm, between frame and floor 23cm clearance, width: inner dimension + 5cm, length: 213cm


51.5 kg - 93.5 kg


Not suitable for rolling grates. Support depth can be adjusted in small steps of 10-20 cm. If necessary, the wood can be easily repaired and maintained with the ekomia care set.



Place of manufacture

Bromberg, Poland


Solid wood wild oak naturally oiled. Visible parts are glued continuously, non-visible parts are rod-glued. Material thickness 25mm. Quality joints.

Origin of the wood

Poland (FSC® certified)


3 years extended warranty





Tool not included

Phillips screwdriver. Cordless screwdriver for easy assembly.

Duration in hours


Delivery method

Forwarding delivery with appointment arrangement. Approx. 4 hours time window. CO2-Compensation.

DE, AT, CH & LU to point of use. EU to the first door.

Assembly in Germany possible

Delivery time

See order form

Delivery charges

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30 days extended right of return. Return shipping costs are covered.

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