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Wall shelves made of fine wild oak in various sizes. Beautifully combined with each other to create your individual shelf wall. More

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All-rounder wall shelves: Oak as all-rounder

An oak wall shelf offers so many ways to furnish your home functionally and aesthetically. As a beautiful, native wood, wild oak shines with its varied grain. Here you can read everything you need to know about oak wallboards and wall shelves.

Everything about wall shelves and wall boards

Create your individual storage space concept with an oak wall shelf. It is not without reason that wall boards are becoming more and more popular: the simple shelves can be arranged as you wish. So you can make the best possible use of the wall and give your creativity free rein. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

When individual parts merge

Until a few years ago it was impossible to imagine living rooms and bedrooms without wall units. They were as wide and high as possible and offered a lot of storage space. At the same time, such pompous pieces of furniture, which often took up an entire wall, also appeared heavy. Almost overwhelming.

Today, the furnishings are much more minimalist and airy. Rooms can be made lighter and brighter with significantly fewer tidy aids that are used in a more focused way. Many individual parts merge into a large whole - and what could be more suitable for this than an oak wall board with which you can assemble your individual shelf wall?

Wallboard vs. Wall-Cube: What is the difference?

You can conjure up geometric accents not only with simple shelves made of solid wood, but also with natural wood cubes. So-called Wall-Cubes have a rectangular frame. This frame has storage space for books, pictures, vinyl or decoration inside, but also on the top.

The difference between a wallboard and a wall cube is therefore in the dimensions. A single shelf is called a wallboard. A hanging frame is called a Wall-Cube. In spite of the (size) differences, the two pieces of furniture also have similarities.

Wall boards and cubes are often equipped with hidden suspensions. This then has a nice visual effect: it seems as if the piece of furniture made of natural wood is floating and only attaches to the wall. This also leads straight to the next point.

This is how it holds: wallboard in oak

A wall shelf made of oak or other solid wood is usually heavier than artificial wood composites. Therefore, the wall to which you want to attach your new tidy aid should be able to support it well. Stone or concrete is a particularly solid base for a solid wall board. It's best to work with a drill and hooks, which you buy individually adapted to the substance of your wall.

Old building walls, which are usually covered with a lot of plaster, can be a challenge to mount a wall shelf made of solid wood. Here you should use long dowels, which remain firmly anchored in the ground by the barbs. In such a case, choose a shelf that firstly is not too heavy and secondly, that you do not put too much strain on it.

Storage space on the wall - but certainly

You want to use the storage space on your wall optimally and individually? We at ekomia offer you two basic models, which are available in different sizes. Combine one wall shelf in oak or several wall boards with cubes in different sizes - for a shelf wall that fits you and your room situation.

Wallboard Tempelhof in oak: The Classic

Our classic wall shelf in oak is the model Tempelhof, which you can order in different widths. The wall board is available in 60 and 100cm widths, which can be freely combined with each other.

Made of wild oak, this piece of furniture is a solid all-rounder that you can use in your living room, bedroom or study as you wish. However, you should not put more than 15kg of weight on the oak wall shelf.

Give the whole thing a framework

The Neukölln cube modules go great with the simple shelves. Neukölln is available in different sizes. S is 39cm wide, M 74cm and L 109cm. Like the oak wall boards, the Cubes also have a hidden suspension.

This looks elegant, but also requires suitable fixing material. The best way to do this is to consider the substance of your wall. The motto here is: it's better to make the hooks a size thicker than too thin.

ekomia: We live sustainability

We love sustainability. And we live sustainability - holistically and with everything that goes with it. In doing so, we take the term organic furniture further. Ecological furniture not only comes from responsible forestry, but is also distinguished by its special durability. Everything that lasts a long time does not have to be produced from scratch. This is a real advantage that in the long run not only saves resources but also your wallet.

Ecological wood with measure

If you take a tree out of the forest, this always means an intervention in the ecosystem. If too much wood is felled in the long run, this upsets the natural balance. For this reason, it is essential that a new tree is planted for every tree felled. We ensure this by using only wood from sustainable forestry for our furniture.

The pine wood we use comes from Sweden. Our oak wood has its origin in Poland. The wood is not only certified, but also has only short transport distances behind it. This in turn has a positive effect on the eco-balance, because fewer kilometres on the road also mean less CO2 emissions.

Refinement with responsibility

If wood were left completely unprocessed, it would be rough, roughly structured and almost inhospitable. It is only through repeated processing and refinement with a glaze or oil that wood is transformed into a beautiful natural raw material.

To ensure that our products are in line with a holistic ecological idea, we only use glazes and oils with natural and vegan ingredients. These are completely harmless and comply with the European toy standard. All our furnishings are therefore also a sustainable alternative in the children's room.

Solid wood keeps what it promises

Organic furniture is characterised by another characteristic in addition to its health safety. After all, sustainable also means stable. The most sustainable furniture is that which does not have to be bought new, but lasts a long time. And this is precisely the case with solid wood furniture. Furniture made of solid wood lasts, and for a long time.

Solid wood is glued together from natural wood planks - unlike chipboard or wood composites. If this is done professionally, as is the case with our partners, the solid construction will last for many years. The one or other move cannot harm a wall shelf made of oak or another solid piece of furniture.

And should an unforeseen incident cause a break or a defect, solid eco-wood can be easily repaired. Many components can be replaced. Oils or maintenance and repair kits help you to take care of your natural furniture yourself and to repair damages and dents quickly.