Shelving system

Build your own bookshelf. You can choose any number of levels in two widths. There are also magnetic doors in different colours. Certified solid wood & ecologically glazed.

  • Ökologisches Lowboard Alma auf Rollen von ekomiaÖkolgosches Design Regal aus Massivholz
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    Lowboard Alma

    from 320 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors, castors optional

    Minimalist lowboard

  • Alma XLBioregal Alma mit Türen in verschiedenen Farben
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    Regal Alma XL

    from 1.200 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors optional

    6 levels up to 183cm height

  • Alma MMinimalistisches Design Regal Alma mit farbigen Türen
    neu label

    Regal Alma M

    from 850 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors optional

    4 levels up to 124cm height

  • Weißes Regal für Bücher und DVDsDesign Regal Alma aus Massivholz
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    Regal Alma L

    from 1.020 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors optional

    5 levels up to 159cm height

  • Alma SDesign Regal mit farbigen Türen
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    Regal Alma S

    from 670 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors optional

    3 levels up to 100cm height

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