Lowboards made of solid wood - stylish design objects for bedrooms and living rooms. Can also be used as HiFi furniture or TV boards. More

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What you need to know about solid wood lowboards

Lowboards are - as their name suggests - low cupboards that provide plenty of storage space in the horizontal plane. Everything you need to know before buying a lowboard made of oak or any other natural wood can be read here.

Lowboard: As flexible as never before

Hardly any other piece of furniture is as changeable and versatile as a lowboard. A small example: You can not only integrate the low sideboard into your living and dining area, but also create more storage space in the bedroom. But what makes a piece of furniture a lowboard and how can it be distinguished from a sideboard?

What is a lowboard actually?

The very roots of the word thus suggest the typical feature of the furniture item: a lowboard is a particularly low piece of furniture.

Lowboards made of oak or other solid wood species, such as pine, therefore have a low height and a relatively large depth. Thus, despite their dimensions, the low sideboard provide plenty of storage space. They are therefore order helpers suitable for everyday use, which cut a good figure in any room - and that leads to the next point.

Place or hang - that is the question here

A lowboard made of oak or another solid material is a practical all-rounder for every room. Especially in the living room a low chest of drawers offers a lot of potential. Placed against the wall, it is the perfect stage for a TV set, which you can either put on top or hang on the wall.

At this point, think about how you want to hide your cables in or behind the lowboard. Many TV lowboards have a recess in the rear wall where you can hide the connectors and lead them outside. Lowboards are also a great place to store your favorite books or vinyl.

If you want to create a special eye-catcher, you can also hang a lowboard on the wall. For example in the bedroom under your mirror. If you decide on solid furnishings, you should only make sure that the wall is really strong. As you can see, lowboards are true all-rounders that create more usable space in your home, both standing and hanging.

What should you look for when buying a lowboard?

High-quality furniture made of solid wood is durable - which is precisely why the purchase of a new lowboard needs to be carefully considered. Only if the piece of furniture really fits you and your home and fulfils all your interior wishes will you enjoy your new solid wood purchase for a long time.

You never have enough storage space

A lowboard made of oak or pine not only looks great, but is also super functional, bringing additional usable storage space into your home. Therefore, consider in advance how many (drawer) compartments you need and what exactly you want to store in them.

For example, folders have a different format than records. Books usually fit into any compartment. A little tip: If you already have a good idea of how you want to use your new organic furniture, you can make a small inventory. Which things should be stored in the lowboard in future? That helps to choose a piece of furniture in the right size.

Opening and closing made easy

At the same time, think about where you want to place the solid wood lowboard in your room. If there is enough space available, it doesn't matter which handles your new solid wood furniture has. However, if the lowboard is placed in a corner, you should not use external handles.

If these are too large, there is a risk that you will not be able to open the outer doors fully. The handle then hits the wall on one side so that the door cannot be opened fully to 90 degrees. In such a case, you will not be able to store a box behind the door, for example. Simply not, because it won't fit in the box if the lowboard's door doesn't open fully.

An elegant solution in such cases are doors with integrated push-to-open mechanism. Here, you simply press on the outside of the doors at a specific point. The integrated mechanism allows the doors to open by themselves.

Eco solid wood: Quality that lasts

If you want to enjoy your new acquisition for a long time, choose furniture made of solid wood. Solid wood furniture has a robust strength. This makes them durable companions that can easily withstand several moves. Even if your offspring, dog, cat or mouse present your furniture with special challenges, one thing is clear - solid wood lasts.

Should unforeseen incidents occur, solid eco-wood can be repaired. You can simply fill in broken spots with wood glue. Many components are also replaceable. Good reasons to choose natural furniture from ekomia.

Your new lowboard: oak and pine from ekomia

To make sure you find a durable piece of furniture that suits you, your home and your desires, we at ekomia have set special standards in product design. You will find not only solid individual pieces of furniture, but also modules that can be freely combined. This is how you design your individual storage space system.

Mid Century Lowboard in oak

The unmistakable retro look of the sixties never goes out of fashion. So the so-called Mid Century style also characterizes the furniture world and our two lowboards made of oak Kreuzberg 1 and Kreuzberg 2.

Typical design elements are the four feet, which point outwards and lose their circumference in the direction of the floor. This is called the "tapered" shape. Another characteristic of both models are the rounded edges, which give the wild oak furniture a flowing silhouette.

Choose the smaller of the two lowboards if your room situation is manageable. Kreuzberg 2 is the larger version and has two extra shelf units. By the way, these are easy to open with the push-to-open technology. If you need even more storage space, each oak lowboard can also be combined wonderfully with our wall shelves. What both versions have in common: a natural and stylish look.

Solid pinewood picks up speed

You prefer white furniture? Then take a look at our lowboard Alma, which is made of glazed pine wood. Under the biolasur, the grain of the wood shimmers out, preserving the original look but adding a touch of colour. It may become even more colourful? Then the different door modules in mint, grey and white are just the thing for you.

Alma is literally picking up speed. Because: the lowboard made of eco-wood comes on four castors. So you can simply push the furniture back and forth. If you want to "misuse" Alma as a rollable shoe or seat bench, this is also easily possible. Choose between a width of 140 or 180 cm to adapt your flexible seating individually to your premises.

The Alma shelving system is completely modularised. So you can individually configure your personal organizer. Choose between a width of 143 cm or 181 cm and different numbers of levels. You are also completely free with regard to castors, feet or doors. Ideal for individualists.