Sideboards & Dressers

Browse through our selection of sideboards, lowboards, highboards and dressers in different styles - but always timelessly beautiful. Whether wild oak, ash, metal or white pine, each piece of furniture is made of ecologically treated solid wood in the ekomia quality you are used to. More

  • Minimalistische Kommode Köpenick im Mid-Centruy Stil Design Kommode für das Schlafzimmer in Wildeiche

    Dresser Köpenick

    1.300 €

    ↔ 110cm

    Mid-Century chest of drawers with Push-To-Open function

  • TV Hifi Bank Wega aus schwarzem Metall mit Eiche MassivholzDesign Sideboard für Hifi und TV mit weißem Metall und hell geölter Eiche

    Sideboard Wega

    from 860 €

    ↔ 188cm


    For Hifi & TV with three door shelves

  • Design Highboard mit schwarzem Metallgestell und Eiche mit TürenDesign Highboard mit drei Türen 180cm breit 90c hoch

    Highboard Wega

    from 940 €

    ↔ 188cm


    With three door modules or shelves only.

  • Design Kommode Vilm aus EscheHell geölt
    sale label

    Dresser Vilm

    1.150 € 900 €

    ↔ 100cm

    Made of light ash wood with softly curved fronts in wave-like shaped design

  • Designer Highboard Massivholz Eiche hellMassivholz Eiche in Wellenform
    neu label

    Highboard Skye

    1.400 €

    ↔ 91cm | Without- / Solid- / Rattan-Doors

    Light ash wood, lots of storage space

  • Sideboard Dun S aus EscheKompaktes Sideboard

    Sideboard Dùn S

    from 600 €

    ↔ 106cm | Solid or rattan doors

    Compact sideboard in light ash

  • Sideboard Dun M aus EicheMassivholz Türen in Wellenform
    neu label

    Sideboard Dùn M

    1.300 €

    ↔ 158cm | Without- / Solid- / Rattan doors

    Medium-sized sideboard in light ash

  • Sideboard Dun L aus EicheSideboard aus hell geölter Eische
    neu label

    Sideboard Dùn L

    1.600 €

    ↔ 211cm | Solid or rattan doors

    Large sideboard in light ash

  • Dresser EnormÖkologische Kommode in weiß aus Massivholz

    Dresser Enorm

    650 €

    ↔ 80cm

    Minimalist chest of drawers with 4 drawers

  • Lowboard auf Rollen in weißÖkologisches Design Lowboard auf Rollen

    Lowboard Alma

    from 320 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors, castors optional

    Minimalist lowboard

  • Design Sideboard ökologisches Massivholz mit Türen in blau, gelb, rot und weißÖkolgosches Design Sideboard aus Massivholz

    Sideboard Alma

    from 500 €

    ↔ 140, 186cm | Doors optional

    Minimalist sideboard

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Solid wood sideboards & dressers

Discover our sustainable solid wood sideboards and dressers with unique designs. At ekomia, you'll find high-quality pieces of furniture that will enhance your living space in an ecological and stylish way. From rustic oak to modern ash, we offer a diverse range of sideboards and dressers to meet your individual needs.

What types of sideboards & dressers are there?

Sideboards, lowboards, highboards, TV boards, dressers and sideboards - the world of storage furniture is versatile.

  • Sideboards: Sideboards offer generous storage space and a practical shelf area. They are versatile and perfect for living rooms, dining rooms or hallways. Discover our selection of solid wood sideboards that are both functional and stylish.
  • Lowboards: Lowboards are the ideal TV furniture and create order in the living room. With their spacious compartments and drawers, they offer space for multimedia devices, DVDs and other accessories. Our lowboards made of solid wood combine modern design with high quality.
  • Highboards: Highboards are real eye-catchers and offer additional storage space in your living area. With their various compartments, drawers and doors, they allow you to optimally organise your items. Discover our high-quality highboards made of solid wood, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • TV boards: TV boards are specially designed for your entertainment experience. They offer enough space for your TV, multimedia devices and other utensils. Our solid wood TV boards combine modern design with practical functionality and create a stylish ambience in your living room.
  • Dressers: Dressers are ideal for the bedroom or hallway. They offer storage space for clothes, linen, accessories and much more. Our solid wood dressers combine high quality with timeless design and help you keep your home tidy.

At ekomia, you will find an extensive selection of sideboards and dressers made of solid wood to meet your individual preferences and space requirements.

What are the different characteristics of sideboards and dressers?

Sideboards and dressers are characterised by different features. You can choose between different designs, such as Scandinavian-inspired styles or modern combinations of wood and metal. Depending on your needs, we offer models with drawers, doors, flaps or shelves. This way, you can design your piece of furniture exactly as you want it and create the storage space you need.

What is the advantage of sideboards & dressers made of solid wood?

Sideboards and dressers made of solid wood bring with them numerous advantages. Solid wood is a natural, renewable raw material that is durable and robust. The furniture radiates warmth and naturalness and creates a cosy atmosphere in your home. In addition, they are timeless in design and adapt to different furnishing styles. With furniture made of solid wood, you are investing in many years of quality and sustainability.

What are the advantages of naturally oiled sideboards & dressers?

Naturally oiled sideboards and dressers offer an additional advantage. The natural oil treatment preserves the original structure of the wood and creates a breathable surface. The oil protects the wood from soiling and gives it a warm sheen. Naturally oiled furniture is easy to care for and exudes a special naturalness that gives your living space a unique ambience.

What should I look for when buying?

When buying sideboards and dressers, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Size: Carefully measure the available space and choose a piece of furniture that fits well in the room.
  • Storage space: consider how much storage space you need and whether drawers, doors or shelves are best for you.
  • Design: Choose a design that suits your personal style and interior. At ekomia, we offer a wide range of designs, from modern to rustic.
  • Material: Choose high-quality solid wood such as oak, wild oak or ash to benefit from the advantages of natural materials.
  • Processing: Look for careful workmanship and high-quality details to ensure that your piece of furniture will last for a long time.

By taking these aspects into consideration, you can find the perfect sideboard or dresser to suit your needs.

Our sideboards & dressers at ekomia

At ekomia we offer a wide range of high quality solid wood sideboards and dressers:

Oak with metal frame

Our sideboards, lowboards and highboards made of oak with white or black metal frames are a real eye-catcher. You can choose between doors and drawer modules and adjust the width and height modularly. The combination of oak and metal gives these furniture pieces a modern and minimalist look.

Edge with gently curved fronts

Our sideboards, highboards and dressers made of ash convince with gently curved fronts and an elegant look. You can choose between drawers or doors, optionally also with rattan doors for a special accent. These pieces of furniture bring a natural beauty into your home.

Naturally oiled wild oak

Our dressers and lowboards in naturally oiled wild oak are a real highlight. With the push-to-open function, they offer a modern and practical solution. The natural grain of the wood and the warm sheen give this furniture a timeless charm.

Pine wood with ecological wood stain

Our sideboards, lowboards and dressers made of solid pine wood are treated with an ecological white wood stain. These pieces of furniture radiate naturalness and lightness and fit perfectly with a Scandinavian interior style.

Discover our versatile sideboards and chests of drawers.

Discover our diverse selection of sideboards and dressers on our site. Each piece of furniture is made with great care and attention to detail to ensure the highest quality and sustainability.

Naturally ecological

At ekomia, we place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental friendliness. Our furniture is made from certified solid wood and we use ecological treatments to preserve the natural beauty of the wood. In doing so, we pay attention to resource-saving production processes and short transport routes.

In addition to our solid wood sideboards and dressers, we also offer shelves made of solid wood. Check out our selection of shelves to find the perfect addition to your home decor.

For more information and inspiration, visit our product pages and discover the many ways you can enhance your living space with our ecological design furniture. Our furniture is timeless, long-lasting and brings sustainable elegance to your home.