Slatted Frames

From the simple but stable roll-up grate to the movably mounted springwood frame with adjustable head and foot section, here you will find good bed bases to suit your needs. More

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Comfortably bedded: Slatted frames made of wood

Not only is a high-quality mattress important for a good night's sleep, the quality of the slatted frame is also crucial. The perfect model looks different for everyone. Whether you prefer to sleep on a flexible or very hard surface - our wooden slatted frames offer you individual comfort and score points for sustainability and durability.

Ecological slatted frames made from natural materials

Furnishings determine how comfortable you feel in your rooms: they define your style and also influence the climate within your four walls. Especially with bedroom furniture you benefit from an ecological material selection. Real wood and natural materials - thanks to natural moisture exchange - ensure a healthy sleep.

Certified solid wood not only has a positive effect on the room climate. The robust material ensures long-lasting quality. So you can be sure that your wooden slatted frame will not only withstand different mattresses, but also moves and changes.

What do I have to be aware of?

The decision for a slatted frame depends on various factors. Just like when buying a mattress, your personal needs are what count here - pay attention to your physique, but also a fitting size. Slatted frames also come in a wide variety of designs. Not every bed is suitable for every slatted frame.

Slatted frames in different variants

As with standard and natural mattresses, slatted frames can also be distinguished between different hardness levels and springing.

Roll-up grids

Do you have a good mattress and prefer a firm surface to sleep on? Then rigid roll-up slats are the right choice for you. This variant of slatted frame is also rated as good by Stiftung Warentest.

Sprung slatted frames

More flexibility and, above all, more comfort are offered by sprung slatted slats. These slatted frames have spring-loaded slats that move. This means that they are gentle on your mattress and adapt to your lying position.

solid wood. This provides the necessary stability and resistance under your mattress. Sprung slatted frames, on the other hand, are often made of springwood slats with plywood. In this way, the models guarantee elastic compliance and more comfort.

7-zone slatted frame

Multi-zone slatted frames are slatted frames that have areas with different degrees of hardness to support different parts of the body (hips, shoulders, etc.).

Centre zone regulation

A middle zone adjustment, for example, allows you to set the firmness level of the middle lying surface to be firmer or softer, depending on your preferences.

Adjustable slatted frames

With adjustable slatted frames, you can raise the head and foot sections in many stages so that you can read comfortably or simply put your feet up.

Which slatted frames for which bed?

Not every bed is suitable for all slatted frames. Some beds do not have side rails and are therefore not suitable for rolling grids because they do not have frames.

The inside dimensions of beds are always made exactly (e.g. 140x200cm), slatted frames are then made slightly smaller so that there are no problems.

The insertion depth of the bed is also relevant when choosing a slatted frame. Roll-up slatted frames are usually only 2 cm high and it is recommended to have a high insertion depth so that the mattress does not disappear into the bed and you feel the hard edge of the bed frame. Sprung slatted frames are 5-10 cm high and it is recommended to have a low insertion depth so that the mattress does not stick out too high.

Something for everyone: the ekomia slatted frames

The Rigid roll slatted frame is an inexpensive and yet indestructible slatted frame. It is supplied compact (rolled) and screwed to the side slats of the bed. It is not flexible but rigid and provides a very firm base, which is regularly recommended by Stiftung Warentest.

The Elastique slatted frame is a spring-loaded, stable slatted frame that allows you to adjust the degree of firmness in the middle zone. Elastique is made of certified beech wood and beech plywood. The slats rest on rubber bearings.

The Float slatted frame is a sprung slatted frame with 7 zones that individually support the different parts of the body. The slats are guided to the edge so that you don't feel a bar in the middle when two slatted frames lie next to each other.

Float is also available as Float Vari with adjustable head and foot section.

All slatted frames are available in the standard length 200cm in different widths, such as 90x200, 80x200, 100x200, 120x200 and 140x200. The sizes 160x200, 180x200 and 200x200cm consist of two slatted frames so that the slats do not become too wide. For oversized beds, there is also the 220cm length.

Organic furniture with style from ekomia

Minimalist design

In the development of our furniture, we attach great importance to a minimalist, timeless design based on the Scandinavian design. You won't find any fashionable or ornate furniture in our shop, but we still work with great attention to detail.

Holistically ecological

The foundation of ekomia is the most sustainable production possible: certified European solid wood, glazes from natural raw materials and textiles from controlled organic cultivation. We take care to use only health-compatible, vegan materials without synthetics or allergens.

Solid natural wood

We mainly use hand-picked solid wood, a natural material that creates a natural atmosphere in the home and is particularly durable. For connectors we rely on proven quality components and the solid wood know-how of selected production partners.

Direct distribution & DIY

Through direct distribution we can offer better prices than in traditional trade. We try to offer a suitable piece for every purse - even if it is a DIY instruction to build it yourself.

Do you still have questions or would you like specific advice? We are happy to support you by phone or e-mail.