Scandinavian organic beds made of solid wood. Whether floating, with storage space or completely minimalistic - you will find what you are looking for here. More

  • Family bed SwebeDesign Familienbett aus Massivholz in 270x200 und 240x200

    Family bed Swebe

    from 625 €

    ↔ 240cm, 270cm

    Large family bed with and without headboard

  • Stauraumbett Schöneberg 3 aus WildeicheDesign Schwebebett mit Bettkasten

    Bed Schöneberg Storage

    from 1.405 €

    ↔ 140 - 200cm

    Floating bed in comfort height with headboard and one or two bed drawers

  • Niedriges Futonbett aus Eiche und weißem MetallMinimalistisches Design Bett mit schwarzem Metallgestell und Eiche

    Bed Luna Minimal

    from 650 €

    ↔ 90 - 200cm


    Platform bed made of metal and light oak

  • Plattformbett mit Kopfteil aus Eiche mit schwarzen MetallfüßenDesignbett Luna aus Eiche mit weißen Metallfüßen

    Bed Luna Comfort

    from 850 €

    ↔ 90 - 200cm


    Platform bed made of metal and light oak

  • Familienbett  mit Kopfteil Bettkästen aus EicheFamilienbett mit Kopfteil und Bettkästen bis 4 Meter Breite
    neu label

    Family bed Luna Storage

    from 2.110 €

    ↔ 230 - 400cm

    The "1 to 2" family bed made from oak with headboards and bed drawers.

  • Bed Lade ComfortSchlichtes weißes Bett aus Massivholz mit Stauraum

    Bed Lade Comfort

    from 500 €

    ↔ 120 - 200cm

    Minimalist bed at comfort height with optional headboard.

  • Bed Lade StorageWeißes Stauraumbett aus Massivholz

    Bed Lade Storage

    from 900 €

    ↔ 120 - 200cm

    Storage bed with two bed drawers opening on both sides. Headboard optional.

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Scandinavian solid wood beds

Minimalist, high-quality and chic: Scandinavian beds made of solid wood are true all-rounders. Find out here what is important when buying a bed and find your favourite ecological bed made of natural wood. Scandi Style included.

What is special about Scandinavian organic beds?

Like no other interior design style, Scandinavian design stands for nature-oriented minimalism. Light woods, the colour white and a clear design language embody the timeless Nordic chic.

This clean, but at the same time warm radiance can score points especially in the bedroom: It appears tidy and clearly arranged. At the same time, a Nordic-inspired realm of dreams radiates a cosy atmosphere. Perfect for feeling comfortable all over.

Straight-line bed frame: Scandinavian, cosy and natural

Between wardrobe, dresser and small pieces of furniture, the bed becomes the central design element in the bedroom. Scandinavian beds, like other furniture in Nordic furnishing style, focus on the essentials.

Form follows function you could say: nothing is too much here. You will not find playful ornaments and decorative elements. Instead, a clear line draws the picture. Typical for the Scandi style are tapered feet - i.e. feet that become narrower towards the bottom. Or ones that you can't see at all, like at floating beds.

Eco-beds: Everything organic?

Most of the Scandinavian beds are made of natural wood. Especially in the bedroom this is worth its weight in gold. Nowhere are we more vulnerable than in our sleep, with which we spend a third of our lives.

If a solid wood bed is only treated with colourless oil to make it look more natural, the wood image is shown to its best advantage. And the best thing is that the wood retains its moisture-regulating properties through the refinement with natural resins. This ensures a pleasant indoor climate at any time of the year.

Anyone who loves white furniture does everything right with glazed natural wood beds. Ecological glazes and oils do without harmful ingredients and unnatural vapours. Instead, everything revolves around wood. It can be used as a renewable raw material - which binds CO2. - can score with a first-class eco-balance.

That's what counts when buying a bed

You don't buy a bed every day. Only if the sleeping furniture really suits you and your home will you enjoy your Scandinavian organic bed made of solid wood for a long time. Reason enough to take a moment and think about all the basics.

Wood species and colour

There are different types of wood in Scandi style. If you are unsure, which wood species and colour suits your bedroom best, just try it out. A Woodsample is a great option to match colour and wood texture with the existing constants in the room: Whether it is the floor, the wall colour or the match with the window frame.

What is the right bed size for your Scandinavian bed?

Not only the appearance has to be right. The furniture should also fit into your bedroom and your sleeping habits. Do you sleep alone in your bed? Then single beds with the dimensions 90x200 and 120x200 are suitable.

From a size of 140x200 one speaks of a double bed. Here it begins to become comfortable for two people. In increments of 20, it goes from 160x200 and 180x200 to a generously dimensioned double bed with dimensions of 200x200 cm. But that's not all: Scandinavian beds with the dimensions 240x200 and 270x200 are family beds that promise sleeping comfort in XXL format.

For the particularly tall people among us, we recommend beds in extra length 220cm, e.g. 180x220.

Placement in the room

But it is not only a question of how many people sleep in the bed. You should also consider how you want to position your bed in the room. Especially if you regularly sleep in bed with two people, it's worth considering how to place it freely in the room - with the headboard facing the wall. That way, both can get in and out comfortably. No one has to climb over the other when getting up or going to bed.

With or without headboard?

The dear headboard: Again, there is one important thing to remember. If there are sloping ceilings in your bedroom, the height of the headboard is crucial. The ceiling is probably lower than the headboard - in which case you have to move the bed away from the wall and loose valuable space. In this case, beds without headboards are a space-saving and elegant alternative.

Slatted frame and mattress in Scandinavian wooden bed

Are you still equipped with slatted frame and mattress? Perfect, then you don't have to buy a new one. But remember: not every slatted frame fits in every bed. Some beds are not suitable for rollaway slats without frames, but only for sprung frame slats. Pay attention to which slatted frames the bed of your choice is suitable for.

By the way, beds are always designated according to their exact internal dimensions, e.g. 140x200cm, slatted frames are then usually built slightly smaller so that they fit loosely into the bed.

Inset depth and mattress height: What you need to know

Mattresses and slatted frames have different heights. The same applies to the inlay depth of the bed. This is the distance from the upper edge of the bed frame to the fittings. In other words: the height at which the mattress disappears into the bed frame when it rests on the slatted frame. If the bed frame and mattress seem to merge seamlessly, this is more stylish. However, it is more comfortable to get in and out of bed if the mattress sticks out a little at the top. The final decision depends on your preferences and your need for comfort. As a guide, the mattress can sink about halfway into the bed.

The rule of thumb for calculating your mattress height:

Height of slatted frame + height of mattress - inlay depth = mattress overhang

Scandinavian Betten made by ekomia

We at ekomia love Scandinavian wooden beds. Especially because of their simple beauty. And a bed in the Nordic style can be combined in many ways.

What all our Scandinavian organic beds have in common is the timeless, bright design. When choosing our materials, we rely on certified solid wood and natural glazes and oils for the finishing.

Something for everyone

We have rethought Scandinavian design for you:

Discover with us Scandinavian design beds with and without headboard. Straight beds without headboard are ideal for use under sloping roofs.

Family beds are wooden beds with XXL lying surface. Perfect, if the offspring sleeps in the bed with you.

Floating beds in Nordic style are extremely chic. Their feet are not visible from the outside so that the beds appear almost as if they were floating.

Storage space beds with drawers or integrated compartments are practical pieces of furniture that provide additional space in the bedroom.

slatted frame and mattress are higher than in conventional beds. This makes getting in and out of bed particularly comfortable.

Organic furniture with style from ekomia

Minimalist design

In the development of our furniture, we attach great importance to a minimalist, timeless design based on the Scandinavian design. You won't find any fashionable or ornate furniture in our shop, but we still work with great attention to detail.

Holistically ecological

The foundation of ekomia is the most sustainable production possible: certified European solid wood, glazes from natural raw materials and textiles from controlled organic cultivation. We take care to use only health-compatible, vegan materials without synthetics or allergens.

Solid natural wood

We mainly use hand-picked solid wood, a natural material that creates a natural atmosphere in the home and is particularly durable. For connectors we rely on proven quality components and the solid wood know-how of selected production partners.

Direct distribution & DIY

Through direct distribution we can offer better prices than in traditional trade. We try to offer a suitable piece for every purse - even if it is a DIY instruction to build it yourself.

Do you still have questions or would you like specific advice? We are happy to support you by phone or e-mail.