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Here you will find ecological furniture for the little ones. Simple design with pastel organic colours. More

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Children’s chair Just

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Baby cot Lumy

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Babymattress Nemo

Babymattress Nemo

Baby mattress made of 100% natural materials
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Babybett selber bauen

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Building instruction free of charge, material approx. 100€ in the DIY store.
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Kommode aus Wildeiche im Midcentury Stil

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Dresser Enorm

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Dresser Köpenick

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Ecology at ekomia

Illustration tree as a symbol of the use of materials in ecological furniture making

Durable, certified
solid wood

Illustration leaf as symbol for natural colours

Natural organic glaze
and oils (vegan)

Illustration recycled packaging

100% recycled packaging

Illustration CO2 in world trade

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

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Everything about the ecological solid wood baby room

Before buying baby furniture, parents ask themselves many questions. What functions must baby furniture fulfil? What about safety? Is the furniture free of harmful substances? How do I find furniture that is equally durable and beautiful to look at? In the following we try to answer some of your questions.

Ecological baby furniture

Maybe you've heard about airing out baby furniture before use. Most wood-based materials and lacquers are synthetically produced. Especially in closed rooms they will continue to steam for a long time.

Special caution should be taken with board materials that use a lot of formaldehyde-based glue. Formaldehydes can be harmful to health if they are highly concentrated in the air we breathe.

That's why we at ekomia have thought about how to make children's furniture as ecologically as possible.

Ecological glazes with the standard for toys

At ekomia we use ecological glazes and oils from natural ingredients that meet the EU standard for children's toys (DIN EN 71, PArt 3) and are saliva- and perspiration-proof according to DIN 53 160.

This means that the colours are harmless to children and will not peel off, even if your child takes the furniture in his mouth. Furthermore our colours are vegan.

The white ekomia baby furniture is glazed with an organic paint that was rated "very good" by Ökotest.

Baby furniture made of certified solid wood

All baby and children's furniture from ekomia is made of FSC-certified solid pine wood. This makes it more robust and durable than baby furniture made of other materials. On the other hand, very little glue is used in solid wood and the evaporation of the resins is minimised.

At ekomia we use a formaldehyde-free white glue for gluing the solid wood parts.

Another advantage of solid wood is that even cracks or larger defects can be easily repaired. For example, we also offer filling waxes or Colour Repair Kits for our organic children's furniture. With this you can easily bring even heavily used furniture back into shape.

When wood FSC is certified, this means that for every tree felled, the forestry enterprise replants a tree and must adhere to rules to protect the ecosystem. The Nordic pine wood for our baby furniture comes from Sweden.

With ekomia baby furniture, you bring sustainable and durable furniture into your home that will survive the next generation of children. At the same time, you can be sure that the use of our wood and colours will have the least possible impact on the environment.

Baby furniture that grows along

From baby room to children's room

All parents are familiar with this phenomenon: one minute they had a newborn in their arms and the next minute they are already in kindergarten. Children grow out of their clothes very quickly.

This is not only about clothes, but also and above all about furniture. Before you know it, the baby's room will have to be converted into a nursery and more. For many parents, this is a high stress factor when they are faced with the decision to buy.

All the more practical if the nursery covers as many growth phases as possible. We have thought about this and developed a furniture series that grows with your child.

Height adjustable baby bed with conversion set

Babies develop incredibly fast in the first years. In the first few months, the baby remains in a supine and prone position and cannot yet sit. From the 6th month on it pulls itself up and from the 8th month on the baby can already crawl out into the wide world.

Our growing baby bed Lumy adapts to the growth phase of your baby.

Infants lie in bed with the support raised so that parents can easily reach their baby. As soon as your child can sit, you should put the slatted frame down. Now your little one can play unhindered, pull himself up on the bars or turn around in his sleep without falling out of bed.

If it can walk at some point and wants to leave its bed on its own, you can remove three wickets. They ensure that your child can get into or out of bed as required. Until he is about three years old, you should leave him with this solution.

From the age of 3 your child is already one of the older ones and of course wants to have a suitable bed. To do this, you simply exchange one side of the bars for an open side part of our baby bed. In no time at all, you have turned the cot into a designer junior bed that can be used until the age of five.

Convertible baby changer

Matching the growing crib, there is our convertible changing unit Emo. This is how our changing unit becomes a wardrobe: as soon as your toddler no longer needs to be changed and the focus is more on storing toys and soft toys, the function of the changing unit changes.

This is because it can be converted into a standard chest of drawers and then into a practical cupboard that can hold everything from clothes and books to toys and more utensils.

Children's table and chair in 5 organic colours to grow with

Even small children want to be creative and before floors and windows are painted, they need their own creative corner.

Our height-adjustable children's tables and children's chairs Just can be converted in 3 heights to suit body sizes from 80 to 150 cm. So your children can use the children's seating group from one year to school age.

The black table top can be painted with chalk and wiped clean with a damp cloth. In the beginning the table can be used for two or more small children, later it becomes a single table for older children. This leaves enough space for painting and handicrafts. Pens and pads are stored in a tray and are quickly at hand again.

Furnishing tips: Timeless children's room design

What ekomia's ecological baby furniture has in common is the simple and timeless form and the bright natural look, which is based on Scandinavian design.

The wood grain shines through slightly to preserve the natural character of the pine wood. So that it does not become boring, we also set accents with our colourful organic colours.

All furniture can be individually combined with each other and fit into almost every furnishing style and into every children's room. Thanks to the unobtrusive design and simple colour scheme, ekomia baby furniture is absolutely timeless and can be used for many years. They never follow trends and never go out of fashion.

Thought ahead. Time jump to the youth room

They also adhere to one of the most important factors of Scandinavian furniture design: sustainability. For us, sustainability is also about the long life of a piece of furniture. So we also recommend that many parents looking for a bed plan well in advance and think about their childhood.

The floating and very simple Bed Swebe pleases many children and young people and is very inexpensive. With different widths from 90 cm, it can be used as a single bed or already from 120 cm width for overnight guests.

Upcycling and DIY in the nursery

The young people of today are very much concerned with the issue of sustainability. Thus, more and more DIY and recycling ideas can be found in the furnishings of the youth room. The kids can be very creative in this respect.

We promote this spirit of invention among young people with our DIY-Instructions. You want to know how to turn vegetable crates into closets? Or how to make a clothes rail from a branch? You've come to the right place at ekomia.