Get nature into your house

With a fallen branch from the forest and a pair of ropes and hooks from our Do It Yourself set, you can quickly build a unique clothes rail.


1 Find a branch

Search the forest for a suitable branch that has already fallen off. It must not be thicker than 4 cm.

2 Download the manual

With the assembly instructions you can build the clothes rail in 20 minutes by yourself. Degree of difficulty: Easy.

Building instructions

3 Buy accessories

If you do not have the material at home, you can buy a package with ropes, hooks, dowels and building instructions.

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Hang it up at a height of 1.80m. Then the clothes rail is suitable for ceilings up to 4m high.


0.45 kg



Place of manufacture

Manufactured by LebensWerkGemeinschaft gGmbH Berlin, an institution for vocational and social rehabilitation for people with disabilities.


Two ropes a 2,5m, two 12er dowels with 12cm long hook for wood and stone/concrete.





Tool not included

Drilling machine, 5 wood drill or 12 stone drill (Attention: rarely included with drill sets), scissors

Duration in hours


Delivery method

Parcel delivery. CO2-Compensation.

Delivery time

See order form

Delivery charges

Shipping Costs 🇩🇪 🇪🇺
up to 149 € 6€ 15€
from 150 € 20€ 40€
from 300 € 30€ 60€
from 500 € 40€ 80€
from 1000 € 50€ 100€


30 days extended right of return. Return shipping costs are covered.

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