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Here you will find helpful tips on how to freshen up your wooden furniture yourself. Light scratches and dirt can be easily removed and the wood becomes resistant to water and dirt again.

Anleitung zur Tischpflege mit Möbelöl

Your wooden furniture needs a little freshening up?

After prolonged use of oiled furniture made of solid wood, the wood may become dry. Perhaps scratches or slight impurities will appear on the wood over time. To keep the wood resistant, you should re-oil it from time to time. We show you how.



To re-oil your table, all you need is furniture oil, a polishing pad and a cloth to distribute the oil optimally.

You can also purchase these tools from our shop. For this purpose, we offer our Velvet Care Set, which contains all these items. Otherwise, you may find these items in your own household.

In case of major damage to your table

If your table has a lot of scratches and stains, you should first sand it before treating it with oil. This is covered in another of our blog posts. In addition, you can find more information on our Youtube channel. However, this does not have to be the case when the table is normally used. Then this step can be skipped.

  1. 1. Clean

  2. Start by polishing your table with the fine polishing pad to remove small particles of dirt from the table. Make sure that you polish along the wood fibres and not across the grain. You don't have to press down too hard, but just go over the whole table once with a light movement.

  3. 2. Apply furniture oil

First apply a small amount of furniture oil in the centre of the tabletop and then spread it carefully and evenly with the cotton cloth. See our video for the approximate amount of oil we used.

    Let the oil soak in: 
The newly oiled wood should now be left to rest for 20 minutes. During this time, please do not touch the table, let alone place any objects on it.

  5. 3. Polishing

Go over the surface again with the cloth used earlier and use it to remove the last of the dirt.

    Wait and allow to dry: 
Allow to cure and rest for at least 24 hours. After that, the table can be used again.

    Caution: You can seal the oil-soaked cloth in a glass container and store it there, as such cloths can become self-igniting.


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