Table size guide: Which table size is right for me?

With our made-to-measure tables, you can determine the width, length and height of the table as you wish. But as we all know, those who have the choice are also spoilt for choice. Here you can find out which table size is suitable for 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 people.

Tischgrößenberater Esstisch Stühle Plätze

The right preparation

With a dining room table it is not only the design that matters. The dining table must also fit into the flat and offer family and guests enough space.

Why don't you grab a piece of paper and take a few minutes before you click through the different table models. Once the following two points have been clarified, it will be much easier to find a suitable table and choose between the available table sizes.


1. How much space is available for the table?

It is best to measure the area. But do not forget: Not only the dining table takes up a certain amount of space in the room. You should also take into account the chairs and the walking paths when calculating your space.

There should be at least 80 cm space between table edge and wall.

What is the composition of this figure? The average depth of a chair is between 45 and 55 cm. An additional 30 cm is needed to move the chair backwards and sit comfortably. If you want to be able to walk between the wall and the chair in a relaxed manner, you should allow for more space.

How much space does a dining table need in the room
Minimum room size for a 210x90cm dining table.

Tipp: You can put it all in your dining area with cords. This way you get a feeling for the dimensions and can walk around the "table". This method is much more illustrative than drawing the table sizes on a plan.


2. How many people sit at the dining table regularly and irregularly?

In addition to the space available, the number of people who regularly sit at the table and the maximum number of people the table should be able to accommodate is also important when selecting the table size.

For regular use, for example, you can take into account a spacious seat width and, when guests arrive, you can choose narrower seating and seat the head and foot ends.

If the space available for the dining table is limited, we recommend a pull-out table, which you can reposition and extend when you have visitors.

How much space per person is required for rectangular tables?

Place size / table length per person

  • A narrow space is 50cm.
  • A cosy place size is 60cm.
  • A comfortable place size is 70cm.

Table size and number of people - Comfortable seating vs. close seating



A normal size for a place setting is 60cm x 40cm (long x deep).

If you have the space, you can also allow yourself more room for comfortable 70cm per person. If there are visitors, everyone moves together to a cosy 50cm, but in the long run that would be quite tight.

Table width

  • A narrow table width is 80cm.
  • A cosy table width is 90cm.
  • A comfortable table width is 100cm.

In addition to the place settings per person (ideally 40cm deep), there is of course a lot of other things that need to be placed between the place settings. With 90cm table width you can't go wrong, 100cm are very comfortable, if space is limited, even 80cm will do.

How many people at round dining table
People per table: Comfortable vs. narrow seat size.

How much space per person is required for round tables?

Calculating the table size for round tables is a little more complicated than for rectangular tables. However, the space requirement per person is the same as for rectangular tables.

  • A narrow place size is 50cm.
  • A cozy place size is 60cm.
  • A comfortable place size is 70cm.

For the calculation of the dining table size it can again be helpful if you stake out the table and the tablecloth in the room to get a feeling for the size. Otherwise, this formula will help you (dimensions in cm):

  • Diameter of the table = number of seats ÷ 3,14 (Pi) x seat per person
  • Number of seats = diameter of the table x 3,14 (Pi) ÷ seat per person

Good to know: At a round dining table, the seating space per person becomes narrower towards the middle.

How many people at a round dining table
People per round table: Comfortable vs. narrow seat size.

Which table size for how many people?

The following table should help you to decide which size of table to choose. However, there is nothing to be said against choosing individual sizes that differ from the table dimensions.


At a glance: Table sizes and number of persons

In the following table you can read which table sizes fit which number of people. We have oriented ourselves here on the below-mentioned guide values:


Rectangular tables (length)

Narrow place size
(50cm p.P.)
Cosy Place size
(60cm p.P.)
Comfortable place size
(70cm p.P.)
4 (+2) 100cm 120cm 140cm
6 (+2) 150cm 180cm 210cm
8 (+2) 200cm 240cm 280cm
10 (+2) 250cm 300cm 350cm

With extendable tables you have the possibility to extend the Extending table with one or two additional pull-out shelves (a 50cm), for 2 or 4 seats.


Round tables (diameter)

Narrow place size
(50cm p.P.)
Cosy place size
(60cm p.P.)
Comfortable place size
(70cm p.P.)
4 60cm 80cm 90cm
6 100cm 120cm 130cm
8 130cm 150cm 180cm
10 160cm 190cm 220cm

Also round tables are available as pull-out table models. With a rectangular pull-out shelf of 50cm length, you can create space for two more places if required.

How high must a dining table be?

The standard height for dining tables is 76cm.

This height is suitable for people of average height between 1.65m and 1.85m.

If your family tends to be smaller or larger than average, a lower or higher dining table may also be considered. But be careful: If guests come or children are in the house, the bill no longer works.

We therefore recommend the standard height of 76cm. But if you want to have it different, this table can help you:


Table height according to body height

Body height Table height
< 165cm 74cm
165cm - 185cm 76cm
> 185cm 78cm

How high must a dining table chair be?

The standard height for chairs is 46cm.

As a rule of thumb, the seat of a chair should be 30cm lower than the upper edge of the dining table. For a 76cm high dining table, the chair should be 46cm high.

To be able to sit comfortably, the distance between the chair and the lower edge of the table should also be at least 20 cm.

If the chair has armrests it is also practical if you can still slide the chair under the table. The armrests should therefore not be higher than the lower edge of the table.


With the formulas and rules of thumb mentioned above, you can find the right dimensions for your new dining table with little effort. In any case, take the time to think through the various factors. This will ensure that you find a table that you will enjoy for a long time. This not only saves money, but is also really sustainable.

Now you can start to configure our ecological Tables made of solid wood. We hope you enjoy it.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you personally.

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