Baby Cot Lumy

Including extension set for conversion to a junior bed

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The ecological baby bed that grows with your child.

Lumy is an eye-catcher in every child's room. It comes with a height-adjustable grate, wicket bars, rolls and with the enclosed conversion kit you can convert it into a junior bed later.

Design Kinderzimmer mit Babybett und Kindertisch

Design in the baby room

The Lumy baby bed comes in very simple look despite its many functions. Even with colourful bars it looks elegant and becomes the highlight in every nursery.

It is made from solid, certified pine wood and is dyed with ecological colours from natural raw materials. It complies with the standard for cots DIN EN 716-1: 2015.

A slatted frame is integrated and thanks to the rollers, the 140 x 70 cm large bed can be easily moved inside the room

Grows with your child

The Lumy can be built in three variants. Until your baby can sit, the slatted frame is set at the top, so that you can reach it easily.

After that, until he or she is about 3 years of age, the slatted frame is put down, so that your child cannot fall out. If it flies the nest in that time, you can remove three slip rungs.

From 3 - 5 years you can exchange a grid side for a side part.

Convert it into a junior bed

With the enclosed conversion set, you can convert the cot bed into a junior bed. So big kids can get in and out and you can use the baby bed for longer.

Healthy baby sleep with the Nemo

Optionally you can order the Nemo baby mattress to go with it. Nemo is the perfect baby mattress for the Lumy baby bed. The baby mattress has a soft side (100 % natural latex) and a firmer side (natural coconut). This allows you to adjust the appropriate degree of firmness depending on the age or preference of your child.

The mattress core is padded with sheep's wool (kbT), the cover is made of 100 % organic cotton (kbA) and washable at 60 °C.

Lattenrost verstellbar, Junior-Ausstieg inklusive
Ökologische Lasur
Passende Naturmatratze Nemo

Ecology Baby Cot Lumy

Illustration tree as a symbol of the use of materials in ecological furniture making

Durable solid wood
(FSC® certified)

Illustration Sheet as symbol for natural colours

Natural organic glaze

Illustration recycled packaging

100% recycled packaging

Illustration CO2 in world trade

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Lumy 2,7 Kg CO2

Maße Babybett Lumy


145 x 85 x 75 cm (wide x high x deep), height slatted frame lower position 63cm, upper position 33cm.


37.0 kg - 37.0 kg


Suitable for standard children's mattresses with the size 140x70cm to 13cm height.



Place of manufacture

Lodz, Poland


Certified solid pine wood, organic colours, quality compounds

Origin of the wood

Poland (FSC® certified)


3 years extended warranty





Tool not included

Phillips screwdriver, 13 mm wrench or pliers, hammer

Duration in hours



Baby Cot Lumy

Delivery method

Forwarding delivery with appointment arrangement. Approx. 4 hours time window. CO2-Compensation.

DE, AT, CH & LU to point of use. EU to the first door.

Assembly in Germany possible

Delivery time

See order form

Delivery charges

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30 days extended right of return. Return shipping costs are covered.

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