DIY Furniture

Build an individual piece of furniture in simple steps. You will find free building instructions and matching DIY sets.

  • Paletti Paletti
    diy label

    Bett Paletti

    ca. 75 €

    To do yourself. Four used, untreated Euro pallets.

    Only when buying an ekomia mattress

  • Dada Dada
    diy label

    Babybett Dada

    ca. 100 €

    Building instruction free of charge, material approx. 100€ in the DIY store.

  • Fix Fix
    diy label

    Regal Fix

    ca. 40 €

    Shelf with screw clamps - 10€ each. Get your own crates.

  • Walden Walden
    diy label

    Garderobe Walden

    ca. 10 €

    Wall mounting for 5 branches. Free building instructions. Get the branch yourself.

  • Cat & Mouse Cat & Mouse
    diy label

    Mobile Cat & Mouse

    ca. 0 €

    Free building instruction with animal stencils to cut out, branch and natural materials to get themselves

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