Baby bed to build yourself

With DIY store material of approx. 100€, our free building instructions and some manual skills you will get a unique baby bed.

Babybett DIY Eigenbau

Better built by yourself

Can your baby sleep better anywhere else than in a baby bed made by you? Of course not. Especially when it looks so good, like the Dada baby bed.

The cot is suitable for mattresses with the standard size of 120 x 60 cm and can be easily moved inside the room using the rollers

Material list & construction manual

When designing the Dada baby bed, it was particularly important to us that everyone can build the bed - even without carpentry training and special tools.

The bed is made of two types of wooden slats, a board and only one type of wood screws - all in standard sizes that are available in every hardware store. The tools are a jigsaw and a good cordless drill. But look at it yourself:

Construction manual

Organic colours from ekomia

Wood and screws are standard parts that you can buy in every major hardware store. Here you can buy our Kunterbunt wood stain, brush and polishing pad.

The colours have the same tone as the colours on the Dada cot on the example pictures. They are made of 100 % natural raw materials, solvent-free, vegan and comply with EN 71 (safety of children's toys) and DIN 53160 (sweat and saliva resistance).

To the accessories
Detailierte Anleitung
ekomia Farben


123.6cm long, 67.2cm wide, 87cm high.


10.0 kg


Please observe the safety instructions in the manual. Fits standard 120x60cm mattresses.



Place of manufacture

At your home


See building instructions





Tool not included

See building instructions

Duration in hours


Delivery method

Parcel delivery. CO2-Compensation.

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