Interview with Wana Limar- about Sustainability & Interior

This month we have a very special guest on our blog: Wana Limar, a presenter, video creator, DJ and member of Visions for Children e.V.

Interview mit Wana Limar über Nachhaltigkeit & Interior
Wana discovered us while searching for a sustainable bed and a natural mattress. After a visit to our showroom, Wana  chose our Lade bed and the Koje mattress.

We were happy to interview Wana about her purchase decision and her views on sustainability. Along the way we also took some great pictures during the cooperation.

What is your philosophy of life?

I think it's very important that everyone makes a contribution to society, in whatever context and in whatever form. This doesn't necessarily mean membership in a party, it starts with the daily interpersonal relationships and how you deal with your counterpart.

What is important for you in setting up your home?

I am totally sensitive to lighting and lighting conditions in general. In order to feel really comfortable, I absolutely need bright rooms with the brightest possible, friendly furnishings. It should be cosy, a comfortable sofa, plants, candles, and pictures. I'm not a minimalist, but I don't like chaotic, crowded rooms either. That makes me totally restless.

Design bed white with drawers, Wana Lima

How did you come across ekomia?

I came across Ekomia through the Avocado Store when I was looking for new furniture.

What attracted you to us?

I found the design very functional, minimalist and timeless. I was also convinced that ekomia produces sustainably and uses sustainable materials.

Solid wood bed, white, Design, FSC, Wana Lima

Why Bed Lade?

The Lade bed appeals to me visually because the wood is very light and the form is clear. It is also functional because it offers a lot of storage space. It is important to me that space in the home is used optimally and I find it wasted under the bed if you can't store anything under it.

How does it sleep in it so far?

I have taken a small risk because I have never had an ekomia bed before. I was lying in the showroom rehearsal, but in the end you never know how you'll sleep in that bed. First and foremost, I bought the bed for sustainability reasons, so it would have been okay for me to compromise on comfort. But I am totally happy with how comfortable both the mattress and the bed frame are and how great I sleep in it! So the bed is not only worthwhile from an ecological and sustainable point of view, but is also super comfortable!

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