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Do not compromise on mattresses. 100% natural latex or certified cold foam core with ergonomic comfort zones. Covers and lining made of organic cotton (KbA). More

  • Babymattress NemoNaturmatratze für Babys aus Naturlatex, Kokos und Biobaumwolle

    Babymattress Nemo

    from 210 €

    60x120, 70x140 cm

    Baby mattress made of 100% natural materials

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Natural mattresses: Fantastically sustainable

We all do. Some longer, others shorter - we're talking about sleeping. Despite different sleeping habits, one thing is essential. Only those who sleep well at night will gain strength for the coming day. How high the sleep quality is in the long run, depends crucially on the mattress. We at ekomia love natural mattresses. You can read everything you need to know about such biomattresses here.

What you need to know about natural mattresses

A good mattress is the basis for a restful night's sleep. If the bed pads are worn out or do not fit your back, it will be uncomfortable. There is no sign of recovery in the morning. A good reason to get to grips with all the relevant details before buying a new mattress.

What is important when choosing a mattress?

When choosing a new mattress, you should consider a few things, such as the size of your bed. For a 90cm bed there is no question if you choose one or two mattresses. With a double bed 160cm wide, however, this is an aspect that deserves attention.

If you choose a single mattress, there is no annoying crack in the middle of the bed. A large double bed with two mattresses, on the other hand, offers advantages if both partners have different weights and different needs for the strength of the mattress. It is also usually easier to change bed linen, as two narrow mattresses are easier to handle than a single XXL mattress. If one or the other move is still pending, smaller mattresses are also easier to transport. But how you ultimately decide depends on your personal preferences.

Test bench: Test it!

Which comfort details your new purchase must bring depends on your individual needs. While one may prefer a soft bed, the other will feel more comfortable on a harder mattress. The motto here is: just try it out! We give you the opportunity to put your new natural mattress 30 days through its paces. If it doesn't suit you, you will get your money back.

It generally makes sense to use mattresses with different zones. This means that the firmness and structure of the upholstery are adapted to the different body regions. A 7-zone cold foam mattress, for example, is equipped with seven different lying areas. Where there is a lot of weight load due to the anatomical conditions, the mattress provides more intensive support and thus ensures the best possible weight shift. This benefits the spine.

What distinguishes natural mattresses from conventional mattresses?

The main distinguishing feature between conventional mattresses and natural mattresses are the materials used to make the bed cushions. Biomattresses are made of natural materials that have proven themselves twice over.

On the one hand, ecological and untreated materials are free of pollutants. This is especially important in the bedroom, where we spend a lot of time and are most vulnerable during sleep. On the other hand, natural materials often also have moisture-regulating properties. For example, cotton is self-cleaning and has a positive effect on the bed climate. Cotton is also easy to wash - another strength when it comes to hygiene.

Natural mattresses from ekomia

Modern comfort technologies and original materials - we think there are hardly two things that fit better together. Our natural mattresses are equipped with different comfort zones and made of original materials.

100 percent nature

Pure nature: The ecological mattress Twisp is a comfort guarantor whose core is made of 100% natural latex. This material is characterised by its good lying properties and its high dimensional stability. Naturally, the material only gives way in those areas that are subject to stress. Thus the spinal column always remains ergonomically bedded.

The seven comfort zones of the mattress, which are arranged symmetrically, are precisely matched to the human body. At the hip, where the greatest load is placed on the mattress, it provides the best support. On the other hand, less point elasticity is required on the head and feet.

The undercover, which stretches around the core, consists of cotton jersey, which comes from controlled organic cultivation. The cover of the organic mattress is quilted with a layer of wool. The cotton helps to release into the air the moisture that penetrates the mattress when sweating, for example. The outer layer of the natural latex mattress consists of cotton ticking.

Twisp can be ordered in two degrees of hardness. Here you can choose according to your personal comfort and your body weight. Heavy and taller people usually need a harder mattress. As for the slatted frame, you don't have to worry - the natural latex mattress Twisp fits all slatted frames. Rigid slatted frames like our Rigid Roll-Up Grate are even recommended by the renowned product testers of Stiftung Warentest. Please always check whether the respective bed frame matches your favourite slatted frame.

Comfort for turning

The cheaper alternative to Twisp is the Biomatratze Koje. The cold foam mattress is covered with organic cotton and has a firm and a soft side. The harder half corresponds to a degree of hardness 3, the softer half to a degree of hardness 2. So you can try out how to sleep better as you please.

The cold foam core of the mattress also has seven zones. Due to the dimensionally stable core, the bunk is suitable for both side sleepers and back sleepers and keeps the spine in perfect balance. The cover of this eco mattress is also washable.

A natural mattress for the little ones

The Nemo baby mattress offers ecological comfort even for the smallest ones - and complete safety in terms of materials according to DIN EN 16890. Nemo is made entirely of natural materials: 100% natural latex, coconut and organic cotton are the basis for the baby bed mattress.

The special feature: the ecological baby mattress has two different sides. While coconut is firmer, the natural latex is softer. So you can easily adjust the hardness of the mattress to the preferences of your offspring. Since the baby mattress is available in two sizes, it is suitable for beds in the sizes 120 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm - as well as for our baby cot Lumy.

I bought a mattress - and now what?

If you have purchased one or more new natural mattresses, you will surely notice this. Your back needs the first few nights to get used to the new bed cushions. If your choice suits your body, the change will not take long and you will quickly enjoy a restful sleep.

Remember: even natural mattresses need air to breathe. It therefore makes sense to turn your new purchase over and ventilate it more often. If, for example, you have a storage space bed that hinders air circulation below the mattress, open the drawers from time to time. This allows the moisture to evaporate better.