Support your Locals: Ceramic Creativity Workshops with Handful

Today's guest: our very dear friend Anke with HANDFUL. Anke offers workshops where you can find inspiration and mindfulness with the help of clay and your own hands.

Support your Locals: Keramik-Kreativitäts-Workshops mit Handful


Do you lack the inspiration to be able to work creatively? 

Our heads are constantly somewhere else, we can't concentrate on the essentials, let alone get involved with new ideas. We don't find the peace and time for it.Nevertheless, the most of us are confronted with the daily challenge of having to be creative.

However, creativity does not come about at the push of a button.



Anke Buchmann, our valued friend for 15 years, also generated new ideas every day in her former career. It was fun, but she missed the physical creative component. Therefore she went to London to study ceramic design at Central Saint Martins. She has had a special relationship with clay since her childhood. Now she is a successful and award-winning designer and we are proud to present some of her beautiful ceramic objects: Vases, bowls and cups at the shoot of our new products.



Back in Berlin, Anke founded HANDFUL

The idea of HANDFUL is to show a way to rediscover one's own creativity through deceleration and with one's own body. Clay is supposed to help as a medium.

© @studionedarajabi

"As a result of the digitalisation, we work less often with our own bodies, as our work is mainly focused on head-heavy activities. Our body no longer plays a significant role in the process of work."

Anke is convinced that this is another reason why many people increasingly experience feelings of exhaustion, stress and a lack of inspiration.


HANDFUL's ceramic workshops and events are designed to help us 1. let go of our thoughts, 2. intuitively engage with the material, and 3. arrive at ourselves. The hand-crafted ceramics are the crowning glory. 

Now is the perfect time to awaken the inner muse in the so draining Corona Home Office loneliness where we get no creative impulses from the outside world.

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If you want to get creative with clay on your own, the clay kits are just right for you. Thanks to the air-drying clay, you don't need an oven to create beautiful objects. Find the right kit online in the Handful shop.
If you are interested in ceramic objects by Anke, you can find them on request.

See you next time,
Your ekomia team :-)

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