Minimalist dressers made of selected solid wood, quality components and beautiful design details. More

  • Designer Highboard Massivholz Eiche hellMassivholz Eiche in Wellenform
    neu label

    Highboard Skye

    1.400 €

    ↔ 91cm | Without- / Solid- / Rattan-Doors

    Light ash wood, lots of storage space

  • Design Kommode Vilm aus EscheHell geölt
    neu label

    Dresser Vilm

    1.150 € 900 €

    ↔ 100cm

    Made of light ash wood with softly curved fronts in wave-like shaped design

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Solid wood dressers and cabinets: stylish storage for your home

Discover a diverse selection of high-quality solid wood dressers and cabinets at ekomia. Get more storage space and natural charm in your rooms with our unique storage pieces. Whether you're looking for large drawers, gently curved fronts or optional rattan, you'll find the perfect storage units for every style of interior design.

What kind of dressers and cabinets are there?

Dressers are versatile pieces of furniture that come in different styles, sizes and functions. They are used to store items and also act as a decorative element in a room. There are different types of chests of drawers, which can be chosen according to need and personal taste. Let's explore the different types of dressers and cabinets commonly found in homes:

Dresser: A dresser is a type of furniture piece designed for storing and organizing clothing and personal items. It typically consists of a horizontal structure with multiple drawers arranged in one or more columns. Dressers are commonly found in bedrooms and serve as essential storage solutions for folded clothes, undergarments, beddings, and other belongings. Dressers provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal to a living space, offering a convenient and visually pleasing way to keep clothing and personal items neatly organized and easily accessible.

Cabinet: A cabinet is very similar to a dresser, but is usually used to store and organize a variety of items, including dishes, utensils, books, electronics, and more. It typically consists of a box-shaped structure with one or more doors, drawers, or shelves. Cabinets come in a variety of sizes, styles, and configurations to fit different needs and spaces.

Sideboard or Buffet: These low, wide cabinets are designed for dining rooms or living areas. They usually have a flat top for displaying decorative items, while the interior offers ample space for storing tableware, linens, and other dining essentials. Sideboards and buffets often feature drawers and cabinets with shelves for convenient organization. You can find all our sideboards here: sideboards

Highboard: A highboard is a tall and freestanding furniture piece typically used for storage and display purposes. It is characterized by its elevated height and vertical orientation. A highboard typically features a combination of closed cabinets, open shelves, and drawers, offering a versatile storage solution for various items. The design of a highboard may vary, but it often includes a lower section with closed compartments for concealed storage and an upper section with shelves, like our highboard Skye. The highboard is commonly found in dining rooms, living rooms, or hallways, providing both functional storage and an opportunity to add visual interest to a space. With its taller stature and ample storage capacity, a highboard is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and practical furniture piece that maximizes vertical space.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of dressers and cabinets available. Whether you're looking to store clothes, display items, or organize your belongings, there is a dresser or cabinet out there to suit your style and needs, helping you create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

What is the advantage of dressers and cabinets made of solid wood?

Solid wood dressers and cabinets are not only robust and durable, but also radiate a natural warmth that makes your home cosy. The wood used gives the furniture pieces character and makes them truly unique. Each grain tells its own story and creates an inviting atmosphere in your room. What's more, solid wood chests of drawers are sustainable and environmentally friendly because they are made from renewable raw materials.

What is the advantage of naturally oiled dressers and cabinets?

Naturally oiled dressers and cabinets have the advantage that the wood is protected by the oil and retains its natural beauty. The oil penetrates deep into the wood fibres and provides a resistant surface. This increases the durability of the dressers and cabinets and keeps it in a well-kept condition for many years. Naturally oiled dressers also require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean.

What should you look for when buying?

When buying a dressers and cabinets made of solid wood, you should consider a few important points. First of all, you should adapt the size of the dresser to the available space. Measure the space you have planned for the chest of drawers to make sure it will fit in well. Also consider how much storage space you need. If you want to store larger items, chests with large drawers are ideal. For smaller items, chests of drawers with many drawers are a good choice.

Our dressers and cabinets at ekomia

At ekomia you will find a hand-picked selection of dressers and cabinets that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Here is an overview of some of our products:

White dresser Enorm in solid wood with four drawers

This dresser combines stylish design with functional storage. With its four spacious drawers, it offers plenty of space for your clothes, bed linen or other items. The white colour gives it a timeless elegance that goes with any interior style.

Highboard Skye and dresser Vilm in ash with gently curved fronts, optionally with rattan

The Skye highboard and the Vilm dresser are real eye-catchers in your home. Their gently curved fronts give them a special aesthetic that immediately catches the eye. You also have the option of adding rattan inserts to create an extra touch of naturalness.

Friedrichshain and Köpenick chests of drawers in naturally oiled wild oak with push-to-open function

The Friedrichshain and Köpenick chests of drawers are made of naturally oiled wild oak and impress with their timeless design. The wood radiates warmth and gives your room a cosy atmosphere. Thanks to the practical push-to-open function, the drawers can be opened and closed easily.

Discover the variety of our dressers and cabinets now and find the perfect piece for your home.

Organic furniture with style from ekomia

Minimalist design

In the development of our furniture, we attach great importance to a minimalist, timeless design based on the Scandinavian design. You won't find any fashionable or ornate furniture in our shop, but we still work with great attention to detail.

Holistically ecological

The foundation of ekomia is the most sustainable production possible: certified European solid wood, glazes from natural raw materials and textiles from controlled organic cultivation. We take care to use only health-compatible, vegan materials without synthetics or allergens.

Solid natural wood

We mainly use hand-picked solid wood, a natural material that creates a natural atmosphere in the home and is particularly durable. For connectors we rely on proven quality components and the solid wood know-how of selected production partners.

Direct distribution & DIY

Through direct distribution we can offer better prices than in traditional trade. We try to offer a suitable piece for every purse - even if it is a DIY instruction to build it yourself.

Do you still have questions or would you like specific advice? We are happy to support you by phone or e-mail.