Desk Nova White

Elektrisch höhenverstellbar bis 100kg

Desk Nova White

Elektrisch höhenverstellbar bis 100kg

Type of wood  

Certified solid wood

We only use solid wood with long lamellas from sustainably managed FSC-certified European forests.

In the case of Wild oak, the choice of wood has been made to ensure a particularly distinctive grain. Knot points are deliberately highlighted and treated with care.

Heartwood beech also has a conspicuous grain, which develops in the core of old beech.

Organic furniture oil

Naturally oiled the colour of the wood becomes stronger. It is so dirt-repellent, durable and, unlike varnish, can be easily cleaned and refreshed.

White pigments are added to the light oil so that the wood retains its original light colour.

We only use ecological furniture oil from renewable and mineral raw materials.

Linoleum for table tops

Our linoleum is a natural product made from renewable raw materials: Linseed oil, resins, wood and limestone flour and natural colour pigments.

The matt surface is insensitive to fingerprints and has a pleasantly warm feel.

Linoleum is very robust and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with water or conventional neutral cleaners. For heavier soiling, our cleaning agent and care set for linoleum can also help.

  • Ohne
  • Powder
  • Ash
  • Smokeyblue
  • Pistachio
  • Olive
  • Mushroom
  • Salsa
Cable Grommet
QI Wireless Charger
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Solides Gestell, einzigartige Maserung

Den Schreibtisch Nova kannst du blitzschnell zum Stehtisch verstellen - bestimme Holzart, Größe und Schiff der handgemachten Tischplatte aus Massivholz.

Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch aus Massivholz

Variable table base

The table frame is made of sturdy steel and can lift a weight of 100kg (including table top) without any problems. The height can be adjusted from 66 to 130cm. This means that schoolchildren can sit at the table as well as tall people can stand at the table.

You can save three table positions, limit height and depth and easily lock the frame with the child safety lock. For your safety, there is an anti-collision protection.

Unique grain

The table top is made of certified, 3cm thick solid wood in a species of your choice. A beautiful, unique grain is created by processing particularly long wooden slats (rod-glued). The table top is reinforced on the underside with metal burr strips to prevent it from warping. You can screw the table frame flush with the edge of the table top or slightly indented.

Natural indoor climate

The wood is treated three times with an ecological furniture oil - either classic or white-pigmented, so that the original colour of the wood is preserved. The wood can continue to breathe through the oil and the dining table is therefore very dirt-repellent. Unlike lacquers, the surface can be easily refreshed or repaired, e.g. with our furniture oil kits. This way, the tabletop will last an eternity if used properly.

Many options

Optionally, round or rectangular cable passages or a wireless charger can be built into the table. Our Levi cable tray will help with a particularly large number of cables.

If you want to bring some colour into your workroom, a linoleum surface is a good choice. Our linoleum is a natural product made from renewable raw materials, has a pleasant, warm feel and is easy to clean.

Steuerung mit Speicher und Kindersicherung
Kabeldurchlass rund
Kabeldurchlass eckig mit Halterung

Ecology Desk Nova White

Illustration tree as a symbol of the use of materials in ecological furniture making

Durable solid wood
(FSC certified)

Illustration leaf as symbol for natural colours

Natural furniture oil

Illustration handmade furniture

Handmade Unique

Illustration CO2 in world trade

Short transport distances
CO2 compensated

Desk Nova White Walnut 4-8 Kg CO2 Calculated according to

Schreibtisch Nova Weiß Maße


Breite: 120 - 180cm (Gestell 110 - 150cm)
Tiefe: 70 - 90 cm (Gestell Fuß 71,5cm)
Höhe: 66-130 cm
Plattenstärke: 3cm
Rechteckiger Kabeldurchlass 29x12cm mittig 3cm zum Rand. Runder Kabeldurchlass 9x9cm mittig 4cm zum Rand.
Wireless Charger 15cm rechts oder links zur vorderen Ecke.


26.0 kg - 26.0 kg


Maximalgewicht bis 100kg (inklusive Tischplatte)
Steuergerät mit Memoryfunktion und Kollisionsschutz
Geschwindigkeit 32mm/s



Place of manufacture

Posen, Polen


Stahl pulverbeschichtet (Lösemittelfrei), Massivholz Stabverleimt (FSC zertifiziert), ökologisch geölt, Kabeldurchführungen aus Zamak pulverbeschichtet, Linoleum aus nachwachsenden Rohstoffen (Leinöl, Harze, Holz- und Kalksteinmehl sowie natürlichen Farbpigmente)

Origin of the wood

Poland (FSC® certified)


3 years extended warranty





Tool not included

Kreuzschraubenzieher (Akkuschrauber hilft)

Duration in hours


Delivery method

Forwarding delivery with appointment arrangement. Approx. 4 hours time window. CO2-Compensation.

DE, AT, CH & LU to point of use. EU to the first door.

Assembly in Germany possible

Delivery time

See order form. Deliveries to Switzerland may take longer than stated.

Delivery charges

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Custom-made products are excluded from the right of return.

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