Bedroom Inspiration with Bina

We are always delighted when we get beautiful ekomia furniture pictures from customers as a thank you. Be inspired by the blogger Bina.

Design Bett aus massiver Eiche von ekomia

The blogger Bina from has had offspring - the move was just around the corner. Especially with children the cuddly 140er beds don't stand up anymore. Many people know it when the child lies crosswise or then later comes up with the idea to jump on the bed ;-). So the bed solution has to become more massive and wider. Of course, design and function must not be compromised.

In their search, Bina and her husband did not want to ignore ecology either.

And so they found what they were looking for. Our Bed Schöneberg

made of beautiful massive oak fulfilled all search criteria. It has the comfort seat height, the backrest for a cosy reading evening and drawers on castors to stow away. The hard wood guarantees a very high stability. The round edges provide even more design and comfort - eliminating the risk of impact.  

Bett Schöneberg Eiche Minimalistisch

For back health, the ekomia natural latex mattress Twisp and the sprung slatted frame Elastique, whose slats can be individually adjusted for each back, were available on top.

Bett Schöneberg Wildeiche

With the healthy and stylish bedroom furnishing we could make Bina and her family happy. And we don't want to withhold the pictures from your beautiful bedroom from you.

Get inspired!

Design Schlafzimmer Eiche

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