Wild City - Herbal walks, dinners and natural cosmetics workshops in the capital city

In her blog, Anne not only publishes delicious herbal recipes, but also offers many exciting workshops. For example, you can learn to brew your own herbal pharmacy or make your own natural cosmetics.

Kräuter Workshops Naturkosmetik Rezepte Apotheke

Herbs also grow in cities.

It sounds so obvious, but only very few people get the idea to go herb hunting in big cities like Berlin and make something with the herbs they collect.

Anne is one of these few and started Anne's Kräuter some time ago. A blog on which she publishes delicious recipes from all kinds of herbs and also offers a diverse selection of courses and workshops.

Roast Beef Herbs Workshop Cookery Courses Berlin
Roast beef herbs recipe

Delicious recipes with secret herbal ingredients

All the recipes are carefully selected. Only the best of the best combinations of herbs and other wonderful ingredients can be found here together on the plate. Try it out for yourself and cook your own herbal miracle.

Collecting herbs in nature

But if you, like probably many, still have some respect for picking herbs alone in the "wilderness", you can sign up for one of Anne's courses where you can get rid of all your questions. This way you too can become an independent herb picker.

Collecting Sorrel Herbs in Treptower Park Berlin

Collecting sorrel in Treptower Park

Natural cosmetics and own herbal pharmacy

In addition to offers such as collecting walks to get to know Berlin's herbs better, Anne offers workshops on making natural cosmetics or her own herbal pharmacy. You can also book dinners with a menu of various herbal dishes.

Distilling Pharmacy Nature Herbs Workshop

Insights into the Herbal Pharmacy Workshop

Cooking courses, workshops or weekend trips - learn all about herbs

You have the option of taking a course with Anne lasting several hours or spending 3 days in an eventful time-out in Usedom, where you will also learn a lot about herbs and their applications.

Not only is it fun to do a herb walk, but it's also much more sustainable. You don't have to go to the supermarket and buy plastic-packed herbs.

Anne's courses and workshops are also perfect as a gift idea. The varied offer leaves something for everyone.

Cream Arragement Herbs Workshop Pharmacy Natural Cosmetics

Cream Arragement

Cookbook and Anne's Herb Studio

We can look forward to more great projects in the future. Among other things, there will be a book publication by Anne and her boyfriend and the opening of the exclusive Anne's Kräuter Studio in the heart of Berlin. Workshops and dinners will take place there in a special flair.

On Anne's website you can book an event right away or buy a voucher for it. Stay tuned for the latest news and don't miss out on Anne's exciting plans.

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