Support your locals: street art design on your sweater

Emma Rytoft's designs not only decorate the walls in the Ekomia showroom, but now also our favourite jumpers. How the street art artist Emma became a fashion designer from one day to the next.

Shirt Design von Emma Rytoft Street-Art Künstlerin individuell und einzigartig

Artist Emma Rytoft has seen many places and jobs in her life. As a graphic artist and, among other things, street artist, she has already realised diverse projects at home and abroad. Most of her projects are wall paintings in private or public space.

emma rytoft wall art coloured

Themes and stories are the basis of all her designs. You can give Emma a keyword and she will create a colourful, lively design for you. Entire stories are brought to life and find their place on private living room walls, staircases or even public house walls. Places suddenly seem much more colourful and above all more alive.

Emma was originally born in Sweden, but moved to Switzerland with her family at an early age. Her studies led her back to Sweden, where she studied architecture. Later she also studied in Paris and then moved to London, where she lived for 2 years. After London she lived in Shanghai for several years until she moved to Berlin in 2013.

Colourful advertising pillar in Berlin by Emma Rytoft Street Art Art

You could probably say that she is at home all over the world. In fact, Emma works mainly all over the world, which is proving to be a problem with the current corona situation. Emma, who usually carries out projects in various cities such as Beijing or Malmö, now had to think outside the box and try something new.

The idea to design shirts and sweaters came to life.
Her unique and impressive designs, which she can no longer draw on walls all over the world, are now embroidered on sweaters and shirts. From one day to the next she turned from a street-art artist and architect into a fashion designer.

Street Art Design Shirt by Emma Rytoft Support your Locals unique design

Like her earlier works, all designs are customized and therefore completely unique. Each piece is partly designed and handmade over several days. At the request of each customer she creates individual designs and motifs. She has also embroidered a sweater for Jekaterina Piechura from ekomia (see above).

You can find more information about Emma on her Website. If you are interested in sweaters or shirts with great embroideries, which you can have individually designed, please contact her. We can only recommend her and would be very happy for Emma.

Support local artists and make yourself happy with a new, personally designed piece of clothing.

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