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Three reasons for the Stemke table

1. solid wood lasts

The table top of the Stemke table is made of 4cm thick solid pine wood. Anyone who has ever sat at it knows that it was built to last.

2. classic table trestle

Our Stemke table stand not only fits into a workshop, but also perfectly into any living room - as an office table or dining table. We have tried to give a classic, stable table trestle a modern design. Nevertheless the table trestle will still look contemporary in 20 years.

3. ecological colour glaze and natural worktop oil

Our white colour glaze as well as the furniture oil of the table top are made of natural ingredients and have a very natural, matt appearance. In addition, the oiled solid wood creates a pleasant room climate.

The table top should be re-oiled if necessary. This ensures that the surface of the table always remains beautifully silky. Over time, the tabletop will darken and look more rustic. Traces of use give the table top more character and so each table top will tell a very personal story over the years.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tables.